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D1001 for portable use?

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How would D1001 work as portable headphones, i like the deisgn alot, and they dont look all that big.

The Grado SR125 looks nice too, not as massive as HD600/555/and all the other headphones at the same size.

But i have read that they dont block sound that well, if at all (mostly D1001 but SR125 too).

What would you recommend as a good small-fullsize headphone?
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The D1001s are very nice headphones for the price. They're closed so they don't leak much music outside but they don't isolate well (they let outside noise in).

The SR125 is an open phone. They leak sound out quite a bit. And also let noise in from outside.

If isolation is important, take a look at the Sennheiser HD25-1 II.
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Its not that important, i just dont like the attention one gets when hearing Electro/Dance/House music on the bus, my HD555 leak sound like you wouldent belive (unless you have a pair of HD's ) so even at moderat volume half the bus hears it.

But the fact that the D1001 allows noise to come in could come in handy, when driving a bike in the city and stuff where a bit attention is needed.

EDIT: Dont they blok any noise at all? How are they noise bloking wice against HD555 or other Sennheiser with the open design like HD555?
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You see people with Bose phones all the time... go for it!
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The D1001s def sound like they're for you. It's not they they don't block noise at all. At a third volume, I can't hear people calling at me from 5 metres away. So, they do isolate somewhat. But...on a bus or on the street, there's a lot more noise than that, and the D1001s don't keep those out well.
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Here is the isolation graph for the D1001's: (goes to

I have a set and it seems pretty accurate. You can hear people speaking and cars but not birds tweeting as much
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Just saw this while surfing for the A1001, the AH-NC732

I havent researched much in this noise canceling feature, but i saw the same thing in the Monster Dr. Dre headphones, and it didnt get any possitive feedback.
Is it good or bad (noise canceling)?
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Active noise cancelling is only effect at blocking out constant and sounds that rarely change. For example noise cancelling works wonders at blocking out the constant rumble of a car or plane engine however they arent very effect at blocking out frequently changing sounds like a persons conversation in front of you. If your looking for isolating the best bet is getting a pair of canal phones as they have good isolation and are a fair bit cheaper for the same SQ.
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the d1001 sounds great. but is no good for on the move. the point is it doesnt isolate or passive noise cancel. it may as well be an open headphone.

I believe sony makes some as do sennheiser and akg (dj?)
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