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Heard someone mentioned Charles Hamilton on this thread. Charles Hamilton has a great voice for hip hop, he can (I think) probably add certain lyrics that would flow better because his voice lets him get away with it that certain rappers wouldn't be able to do. I sorta wish more rappers would put in more practice & work in their vocal performance/vocals.

I've been sorta busy so I haven't been able to check through his list of songs, what songs would you recommend for me to listen to? My 2 fav tracks from him was Brooklyn Girls & Charles Hamilton is Back.

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Dr.Dre is the chronic. cool.gif
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Jay rock - Follow Me Home (Code Red, Hood Gone Love It)

Edo. G - A Face in the Crowd (Only You, I Was There, Righteous Way, Ain't Gone Wait, World On My Shoulders)

The Cool Kids - When Fish Ride Bicycles (GMC's, Summer Jam, Penny Hardaway)

Kendrick Lamar - Section.80 (A.D.H.D, No Makeup (Her Vice), The Spiteful Chant)


Great albums.

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Boogie Down Productions/KRS-One

Kanye West

Jay-Z (only the albums that don't show his face on the cover)



Gucci Mane

Lil Wayne


Wu-Tang Clan (and solo albums from Ghostface and Raekwon)



loved old school west coast too.... but i have to go against the grain and say i'm not a huge fan of the chronic **hides**

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Any Tech N9ne fans in here?  I just found this thread, havent looked through it yet..Anyways, TCBTS has been on nearly constant rotation lately, I absolutely love it..

Questions has to be one of my favorite tech tracks period.  The lyricism and rhyme schemes are crazy


Now its On was the first track I heard from Tech back in 2002, had me hooked



Annnnd, another favorite from Anghellic:


some of my favorite artists:

Tech N9ne





Brotha Ali

BK One

Bone Thugs

Slaughterhouse ----->These guys are amazing, I cant wait till they release new material





Jake One

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Hey guys, I know this thread's been out for a while, but I gotta ask, since there's 27pages to look through, id rather ask..


Anyone a fan of Southern Rap ? Or Crunk style ?


I'm into the whole , Three Six Mafia crew, Lil Wyte. Can anyone recommend me some stuff that's similar to these guys ?



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I've been listening to a lot of Drake and The Weeknd. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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Since this thread has kind of been revived.


My top 3 albums of 2011:

Common - The Dreamer, The Believer

The Roots - Undun

Kendrick Lamar - Section.80


The Weeknd's Balloons trilogy gets an honorable mention (though it's R&B).


A few other lesser-knowns that have released mixtapes or albums recently that I enjoy:


Emilio Rojas

Azad Right

J. Cole (Liked most of his mixtapes better than his album, but it was still solid, hopefully him and Kendrick get around to making their collab album)


ScHoolboy Q (part of Kendrick Lamar's 'crew')

Luke Christopher


Big K.R.I.T. (new mixtape coming in a couple of weeks)

Cris Cab (not hip hop, more reggae and he can be a bit corny, but I like his style. Great cover of Wiz's Black & Yellow)


And what I'm listening to right now: J. Lately, dropped a new album just today. He isn't well-known, but you can get all his music for free on his bandcamp website in just about any format you want (V0 VBR, 320 MP3s, or FLAC). I'm not affiliated in any way, but this is his best song IMO.



I don't think anyone who thought Hip Hop was dead is looking hard enough. There ought to be a new genre for these Pop/Bubblegum/Suburban/Mainstream rappers to make a clearer distinction for those that don't know any better. There's still real Hip Hop out there and I think people are slowly realizing that. Plus, a lot of the guys I listed above are in their early 20s or younger, the future looks bright IMO. This is actually somewhat true in a lot of different genres too, I have quite an eclectic music selection (or I like to think so cool.gif).


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Anyone who ever thought hip-hop was dead just wasn't really a fan of hip-hop. They probably fell for nas's publicity stunt to sell an album.


TEEBs is a monster.Head bobbing state of mind.


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If you don't like Lil Wayne and Drake you might like this. He is definitely one of my favorite rappers and he is really not getting the attention he deserves. 








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Any Joe Budden fans in here?  


Ill admit, when I first heard him, I didnt care for his voice/flow very much, but it grew on me quite a bit.  His lyrical ability is pretty great



Maybe not one of his best, but its one of my persona favorites


His verse in this remix (awesome remix period) is fire too




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CLASSIFIED!  Guys a beast




Both of those collabs are overly dope

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Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told 


Absolutely fantastic Album. Lyrics and flow are unreal, love all of the tracks, which is rare.


One of the many great tracks.



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Rhyme asylum have some of the bets wordplay i've ever heard eg:

"****** flamethrowers, I throw flames from the naPALM of my hand" " I double crossed christ cos' once wasnt enough"  "i rub in salt into bulletholes just to make the slug dissolve" " It ain't a similie when i say i dont like you"

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Rhyme Asylum is way dope, love those dudes.


Tech's new EP leaked.  Dunno if its available on torrent/download sites yet but I got it early


I always listen to the EPs before buying (always buy his LPs/Collabs) though, and Ill be honest Im not sure if I want to buy this one.  I cant get into iMayday!s production.  Tech kills it like always though

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