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It definitely killed his career commercially. Canibus had huge hype before his debut, he was supposed to be the next big thing in rap, but the album was such a disappointment that his career never recovered. He'd release one more major label album, to much less fan fare, before he was dropped. After another horrible album on an independent label, C True Hollywood Stories, he did sort of bounce back artistically for a while, with Mic Club and Rip the Jacker, which is generally considered his best album, but he joined the army after that, and he's neither lived up to his initial hype or continued releasing well received underground albums like Rip the Jacker. I suppose For Whom the Beat Tolls has been his best received album since Rip the Jacker, but I didn't like it much.

Rip the Jacker, Mic Club, and 2000 B.C. are all much better than Can-I-Bus, in my opinion.
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^I can agree with that, huge hype on his first album, compared to the hype it's no doubt it was a disappointment.
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I wasnt around for the hype, but after the fact it was good. You can't judge an album by hype, it has stood the test of time. I dunno but I like that album more than any other Canibus it had hot tracks that i could listen to without getter bored of his delivery
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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post
The only half decent Asian rapper I've heard is Jin's freestyles. (His studio album = fails beyond belief).
Not sure if you understand Cantonese, But Jin's 2007 album "ABC" is fairly good. I find that if your looking for Asian rappers, it's easier to find when looking at Artists in Asia, rather then Asian-American/Canadian Rappers i.e. Smilez and Southstar.

LMF - Debt They were a very prolific Hong Kong rap group, mostly socio-policital topics

Jin - It's Hip Hop

Outsider - Loner
I don't actually understand Korean, but his flow is very smooth. And I'm a sucker for violins.

Timothy Delaghetto Very tight flow and his other stuff isn't half bad.

Dumbfoundead-Rapper-O's He also competes in Grind Time Rap Battles, and is easily one of the most clever ones to do so.

Otherwise, Right now I'm loving Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco's latest offerings, as well as re-listening to Eyedea & Abilities first album. THe second track, Music Music, I could fill my ipod with just that track.
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I've been on a Canibus kick all week, I just got For Whom the Beat Tolls, and Brainstream. Last night, listening to 2000 B.C. I realized Rakim inadvertently merked Canibus on his own ish.
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I'm beginning to venture into Aussie hip-hop. Can't really find anything which captures my attention. Hoping someone here could help. For everyone else, try some tracks I've been enjoying lately.

+ YouTube Video

+ YouTube Video
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Definitely gotta give Bone Thugs some love. Have never found a group that has even come close to their flow. Its impressive that after 15 years, they haven't changed all that much. Lyrics and albums have had very diverse messages, but the flow and style of it all have never left me anything short of impressed. Their Strength & Loyalty album is pretty damn good, and really sounds like an updated style to some of their older stuff. They basically spit poetry!
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The Ecstatic is my album of the year. I ... LOVE this record, it is superb.
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does anyone know where we can get a lossless version (flac preferably )


"We Be Steady Mobbin" by Weezy?
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Originally Posted by buddhashenglong View Post
I realized Rakim inadvertently merked Canibus on his own ish.
Well it is Rakim, he does that lol. You heard the new Seventh Seal album, i gotta get that soon.

Pharoahe Monch is supposed to be putting out a new album in 10, W.A.R. i think its supposed to be called.
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7th Seal, I got to have it! Just checked out an East Coast Avengers joint with Freddie Foxx on it, damn he's a beast.
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I like the Drake album. I like how he flows.
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Speaking of flow…overall I found the latest Clipse album uneven, but I swear, the opening track always makes me wanna keep believing in them.
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Wayne has flow. But seriously, him coming out with this "rock" album is ridiculous. Did anyone hear Prom Queen? Utterly painful to hear. This will be a huge downgrade from his Carter albums. If you get a chance to listen to his mixtapes go for it, he kills those tracks.
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Just curious - what do guys think of the new BLAKROC project?
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