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I recently started listening to rap as well. To be honest, I think it was GTA:SA that pushed me.

I like most of the old-skool rap: Tupac & Biggie (doh!), Wu-Tang, Eazy etc. I also got Nas's Illmatic but I don't think it's that good. I like life's a bitch, but overall.. Nah..
EDIT: Oh my.. Forgot Beastie Boys and Run.

Anyone heard of Plan B? He's a British rapper and I like his music. Kinda cliché though. I like this one. It's missing links with Radiohead's Pyramid Song mixed in. Way better than the original IMO as I don't really like his original beats.
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Dog, you didn't like illmatic? REALLY? IMO its one of the best of all time...
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I'm got some vinyl tucked away, from the 80's. You guys need to look into Backspin ..... Channel 43 on Sirius. You guys overseas can get it online.

I just got a new receiver (the Conductor), been thinking about doing a thread about it. It sounds much better. I'm just happy to have the programming, haven't been too critical of the sound quality.

But I had a rental car in LA with it installed, sounded incredible. I've had it for 2 1/2 years, it was only a matter of time before they got it together.
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Originally Posted by ezzieyguywuf View Post
Dog, you didn't like illmatic? REALLY? IMO its one of the best of all time...
ding ding ding! greatest hip hop album ever made IMO. at least you like biggie. i'm not a huge tupac fan myself. he has good songs but just isn't for me.
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I only listened briefly (like very briefly). I see this album gets a lot of praise everywhere so I'll make sure I listen to it properly soon. The only songs I really listened to for now are life's a bitch and the world is yours. I liked both of 'em. I didn't have a good listen to the other songs so don't be offended by me saying I didn't like it. Just wasn't really impressed in the short time I 'listened' to it.
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Nice thread. Black Star (Talib & Mos) is by far my favorite hip hop album. Great to see mentions of J-Live, too. I hear that Common is mainstream popular, which was surprising when my brother dropped that on me. One day he was like, "Uhh, yeah, everyone knows Common." Who knew?

Anyway, check out K'naan and Wordsworth for some more sick stuff.
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The New NAS album is actually amazing, it really takes a step forward from his other work.

The new Elzhi mixtape and CD are great additions to my hip-hop library. His new mixtape "Europass" is probably the best hip hop record so far this year. Complex composition and good balance keep him in my ears a lot.

The new mixtape from Child, Rebel, Soldier is also cool. Not all of the songs are incredible but the ones that are, are instant classics.
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I'm sure once you give illmatic a thorough listen, you'll find it becomes one of your favourites

You guys really should check out Common's new album, b/c I can't stop talkin about how great it is. The combination of beats, lyrics, flow, everything just comes together wonderfully. It kind of brings to mind a sequel of Resurrection, that same type of vibe and flow but updated for today.

Also, someone mentioned 'Pac and Biggie... They haven't dropped any new albums recently, have they? jk. Really though, Me Against the World, right up there with Illmatic as one of the best albums of all time.
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I was messin around on pandora today when i came across jeru the damaja as a recommendation. I like. Big L, I like. Because I started listening to a lot of hip hop in the past year I've noticed myself as a big beat fan first and a lyrics fan next.

So I've been listening to some beats notably Dert. He has 1 or 2 albums out with one being beats made entirely from Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon samples. Badass.

Some other recs I havnt seen yet, The Roots!!!! all albums. And on the illmatic like an above poster, I didn't think much of it on first listen either. But i tell ya it grows on you. Instead trying to listen to the whole album in one sitting, just pick a song and listen then stop and repeat at your convenience. I "discovered" a lot of favorites that way.
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clipse!??? i had a very hard time listening through that album, kindergarten beats and repetitive lyrics about nothing but cocaine. i found it really annoying.

illmatic didn't catch me like a classic would, but it grew on me. i thought it was written was nas's best.

have you heard like what for chocolate? it's a lot better than finding forever. even be was, although the last one is decent.

big punisher i think belongs with the likes of pac and big, too bad he only dropped two albums and wasn't very big no pun intended.

i hate eminem and d-12, that whiney sob. i do like obie trice though. cheers was a hilarious album.

ghostface fans should check out styles p. different yet so similar.

my fav old school is warren g especially the tracks where nate dogg cameos (i'm more of an R&B listener), too bad he hasn't come up with anything else.
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@ panda : To each his own I guess. I actually liked Finding Forever better than Like Water for Chocolate. I think my order of Common albums is Ressurection>Finding Forever>Be>Like water (only 4 albums of his I got).
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resurrection? wow haven't heard that one in years, i still have the common sense t-shirt somewhere... i think i was still in junior high when that came out, i remember putting a track in a mix tape and nobody liked it! they were all about livin in the gangsta's paradise, haha.
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Haha. My college had a rap battle a few semesters back in one of the dorms' study lounges, and they used a beat off of Resurrection. It made me smile :-D
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Someone said something about Kwelis Eardrum. Its a dope album one of my favs of last year. Another amazing album was Pharoah Monch- Desire really good album, with a different sounds to it just really an great album.

And to the person who said Hell Hath No Fury, Lord Willin is still 100x better. But i still liked it, but as i said Lord Willin they will never top.

And for this underground talk about people like J-Live and such. J-Live is dope iv heard him before, but really i cant stand underground for a long time... theres a reason there underground. They can rhyme and use different subject matter. But most use so many abstract words, cant flow and have medicore beats.
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Originally Posted by panda View Post
clipse!??? i had a very hard time listening through that album, kindergarten beats and repetitive lyrics about nothing but cocaine.
Just keep listening. It'll come around.

Also, shout out for the The Coup's Party Music and maybe The Perceptionists' Black Dialogue. Everybody here already knows Mos Def's Black On Both Sides. Lupe Fiasco's great, too, but if you can find the original version of Food & Liquor (the one that was leaked before the official release), get it. It's almost a different album; much stronger, even without that beautiful Jill Scott track "Daydreaming."
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