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Hip-Hop and Rap Fans!

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Hey guys. Although I have some pretty diverse music preferences, hip-hop and rap are definitely at the forefront of my listening pleasures. I thought I'd start a thread to see what artists have sparked other people's interests. I absolutely love the old-school hip-hop era, and I struggle sometimes finding new albums that I like. That being said, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to Common's newest CD Finding Forever, and I gotta tell you, for Common fans and old-school hip-hop fans in general, its off the hook.

Mos Def dropped an album not too long ago, I forget what its called (it had a clear case with absolutely no words on anything, yea?) and it drops in with a hot track, then loses your interest for a while. Overall its a decent album though. With Mos Def and Talib, though, I can never get past how great Black on Both Sides, Reflection Eternal, and BlackStar were. I'm lookin for another one of those guys!

As far as gangsta rap is concerned, Jeezy's album dissapoint a little , but really it was exactly what I expected from him. I haven't even bought Weezy's new album. Don't know if I will.

side note: this Common album really is the ****.

I haven't bought Three-6s new album, but their last one, Most Known Unknowns was hardcore. I wouldn't exactly classify them as gangsta rap, but more like, sado-masochist rap if that makes sense. They just have dark beats wit dark, hard-core lyrics. Not exactly a tribute to the old-school, but I like it nonetheless.

Let's see, EgoTrippin is phat as well! Check it out, Snoopy just flows and the whole album is put together nicely. Great beats, not tired ass lyrics, great delivery. Way to go Snoop!

None of Nas's recent albums have impressed me, but Jay-Z's two recent albums are nice (Kingdom Come and American Gangster).

Anyways, I'd like to hear from other people out there who love the old school and are finding it hard to love some of these albums comin out. Let me know what you listen to!
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as much as i love jiggas music i think his last two albums are whack and nas's are actually pretty good. jayz has gone commercial where as nas still puts up good lyrics.

i can't stand three6, i dunno how you could enjoy them and claim to be an old school follower.

i mostly don't like any of the post 2000 era rap but i really like the game. aside from his name dropping, his music is actually a lot like the older stuff, really gritty and not about flashiness.

i'm more of a hip-hop fan than rap especially because there is still good albums coming out. so ur a blackstar fan, did you listen to talib's eardrum? he's gone more mainstream with each album release but still manages to have a few nice tracks on there.

check out little brother
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I'm just now dabbling in old school. Starting to spin Mobb Deep with some KRS-ONE. If you want some good 2000+ stuff I can recommend Elzhi's The Preface and Atmosphere's When Life Gives you Lemons you paint that **** gold. Atmosphere may be an acquired taste tho. Cunninlynguist is also good check out 2007's Dirty Acres by them. Also you can never go wrong with outkast, with in my case, the exception that was idlewild.
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First Jay-Zs American Gangster was one of the best albums of 07.

Weezys new album is really dope. (mad bass, most bangin bass in any album iv heard). Really good tracks, kinda R&B commercialish. I wish he put some of his other tracks on there, if youve been in the mixtape scene most those tracks are old and there was some dope tracks that got missed.

Now Nas new album was good. I listened to it once and thought it was good, wanna listen to it again though.

I havnt heard Games new album but i hope its good, My Life and Dope Boys are awsome.

Other than that check out Asher Roth. Hes a new white boy, put out a mixtape with DJ Cannon & DJ Drama called The GreenHouse Affect. Hes got a fresh sound and not all gangster more fun.

And Def Jams killin it this year.
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My music is super diverse, from rare remixes (of remixes!) to hip-hop to pop to prog etc...

a bit of Rakim,
a bit of Beastie Boys,
a bit of Eminem (lyrical genius really, ask any English teacher who's objective. From an English language academic standpoint, his lyrics are fantastic),


I got to see him live and met him in person before the show!!! AWESOME So glad he came down here in little ol' New Zealand! I flew up just for him. He's brilliant. He came with his DJ, DJ Flo Nader. He's damn good as well.
Not to say J-Live can't DJ either, he can and MC at the same time!
It beyond went off!!!

A sample of his music: YouTube - J-Live -Schools In

You must hear 'Braggin' Writes' though!
The remixes on the net don't give justice to the original (which I have on rare vinyl!)

Albums to check out: All of them! but his best IMO are his latest album 'Then What Happened' and 'The Best Part'.

Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Rhymefest, Gangstarr, Ugly Duckling, PE, gees, too many to name....
I'm not your 'stereotypical' rap fan either.

Do you think a geeky looking Asian guy likes rap? :P
Too much music, so so so little time.
The only half decent Asian rapper I've heard is Jin's freestyles. (His studio album = fails beyond belief).
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Wow thanks for all the great responses guys! You guys mentioned a lot of music that I do like, particularly Rakim and Eminem. Em is actually my first rap hero and remains number one on my list. He's in a completely diff league in my opinion.

@panda: I know that three6 isn't exactly old school, but you know, its ok to love one genre of music thats completely different from another you like. For example, I can't get enough Norah Jones or Ray Charles, but you know, thats not old school hip hop. I like three 6 for different reasons that why I like the old school stuff, but my concern is that the old school era is over and theres not really any rappers droppin it like that anymore. What got me to thinkin about it was listenin to Common's new album, which kind of gave me some hope.

I have not heard Eardrum, mainly b/c I was so dissapointed at how Beautiful Struggle and Quality did not live up to to Reflection Eternal and Blackstar, you know what I mean? Maybe I will give Eardrum a try, if you guys are recommending it.

Surprisingly I've never listened to KRS-one, I def have to give him a listen. Keep the suggestions coming guys this thread is shaping up to be fun!!!!
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You definitely need to get some 'Lupe'. Everybody should

Amazon.com: The Cool: Lupe Fiasco: Music
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You know, my brother keeps talkin about Lupe. For some reason, any time I hear his name I think of Pharell tryin to rap. Pharell makes GREAT beats, but I don't think he's much of a rapper. I don't know why that image comes to mind, but its kept me off any Lupe. I'll be pickin some of that up, mos def
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Add the legendary 'Jurassic 5' as well.

You've never listened to KRS-One!?
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Anyway, one of J-Live best off the latest album

J-Live - The Upgrade (ft. Oddisee And Posdanous)

Of course compressed 64k mp3 doesn't do justice!
Oh yeah, try 'Jeru the Damaja' as well.
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Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
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yo , that j-live is fire. Damn, you guys gon have me spendin all my monies on new albums and not new 'phones/amp-dac. lol
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for the last month i have been listening to almost nothing but old school hip hop. glad to see hip hop represented on head-fi. as far as newer hip hop goes i mainly listen to indie hip hop. as far as somewhat mainstream, ghostface still has not fallen off. the last truly great hip hop album that remember is clipse's "hell hath no fury". i think that came out in 06. good stuff has come out since but just nothing that completely moved me. right now i am listening to nas' "illmatic" i listen to this album at least once a day. thanks for posting this. always good to find some hip hop heads.
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for hiphop:
Soul Position
The Sound Providers
Blue Scholars
Gabriel Teodros
Asheru & Blue Black
One Be Lo
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Cool newer albums with a touch of that older vibe:

statik selektah-spell my name right
marco polo-port authority
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