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E.A.R. Inc Hi-Fi Monitors

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Hey all,

I have a friend who's selling some IEM's, but I've never heard of them before. Have any of you? Here's a link to them: EARInc IEM's

I've only tried using two pairs of canalphones (JVC Marshmallow and V-Moda Vibes), and I found that they irritated my ear canal. I know IEMs are supposed to be very comfortable, but I don't want to get these if they have a bad rep.

So, any thoughts?

Yuk Fai
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Custom IEM are NOT good for resell. They are custom made to fit the original owner's ears and will not fit perfectly on any other person.
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Thanks ClieOS, but she works for a reseller (I think) and is selling new IEMs. Judging from the lack of responses, no one has heard of these before?
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