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AKG K1000 - Possible return to production

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Hi all. Just thought this may be something interesting to keep an eye on. I had some brief exchanges with AKG and the local distributor. A brief summary follows:
- AKG used to be brought in by a company here in South Africa. They only bought in 3 pairs of K1000's to SA; the last pair in 2003.
- A new company got distribution rights in 2006, and of course since then no K1000's were brought in. In fact, the company pretty much didn't have a clue what they were, as they were discontinued by the time they started distributing AKG.
- I contacted the company in regards to spares, following an email to AKG HQ. AKG sent me the parts list and advised that I could order any spare part through the local company, and that all spares were in stock and available.
- I got a quote for certain parts (headband and temple pads specifically) from the local head of AKG sales. I had also asked if AKG perhaps had any complete units (thought I may as well try my luck ).
- He sent me a brief reply by email stating that: I have had word back from AKG to say that neither they not any of their major distributors have any stock of the K1000. However, our representative at AKG (name removed) indicated that there is a strong push to have the product re-launched. So my suggestion is to get the spares for your K1000’s for the meantime and watch this space.

I'll now sit back, prepare the popcorn, and watch that space

My theory: seeing the great demand in the marvellous ear-speakers, they commissioned a brand new machining rig to be able to produce the K1000, without netting a loss with each sale. They've taken their sweet time to do it, through trial and error, but have also stock-piled spares in the interim in preparation for a new production run. Well that's my theory anyway, we can but live in hope

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That would be awesome!
The K1000 are highly regarded around here, so I presume there are a market for another run.
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The comeback of K1K may lead to other positive chain-effects. Maybe other companies will let their legendary phones revive like the K1K.
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Yes! I really hope the K1000 pulls through, it would be great. I still haven't heard them but, with the way people talk about them you almost don't have to. I will definitely get a pair if they start making them again.
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I think that if AKG retooled and relauched the same configuration at the sub $1000 USD price level, they'd do well out of it considering the manufacturing lifetime of the retooling. It wouldn't be the money maker that the K701 has been, however, unlike the K701 it wouldn't be an utterly **** headphone.
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I might have to buy a second pair

anxiously awaiting reading hundreds of posts on "New K1000 vs original run K1000 sound differences: is there a subtle difference??"
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interesting news.
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Great news
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Good news to us, but when will they be available? Which version? How much?
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If i can play the part of the skeptical wet blanket for a moment . . .

1: Internal or external push to re-launch? External push is nothing new. AKG says they ceased production because the equipment had worn out, and the cost of rebuilding it couldn't be justified by the rate of sales.

2: At what price point? I guess some people might pay $2k for a brand new k1000, but . . . .
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Really great news!
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Well yes, points taken - this was only a brief email from the guys locally who had been in touch with AKG HQ, so it may not hold much weight.

But, there is always hope I s'pose. My guessing is that -if they did go back into production, it would only be if they figured a way to use (existing or new) equipment to produce the K1K at far lower cost than originally. That would allow them to reintroduce them and actually profit. The alternative, as you state, is setting a (high enough) price commensurate to manufacturing costs.
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Any chance these have decent bass?
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