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Originally Posted by McPanse View Post
I would guess many folks* would be quite satisfied listening to, say, the Grado SR-60s straight out of the 5001 or 5003.
I'd raise the bar a few notches higher. If it drives my K501 with no obvious flaw, I'd say it'd do K701, DT880, HD650 and others in their class etc just fine.
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Owners of CD 5003: Could we hear from you how the new model fares on headphone front?
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You peeps should hear how the HP-out on the SA8001 handles cans!

It can tempt a person to sell all their amps!
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I now have both players in my possession.
Surprisingly, right now I like the 5001 better!
The 5001 is livelier and more energetic than the 5003, and seems more extended on top.
The 5003 is darker and more laid back than the 5001. It also seems to have slightly more powerful bass than the 5001.
The 5003 is alittle more refined, but it sounds sort of "closed in" compared to the 5001.
The 5003 would definitely suit brighter headphones, cables, and amps better than the 5001.
Keep in mind that these comparisons are using the Sennheiser HD650/Stefan Audio Art headphone cable.
The players also sound this way, more or less, through my home stereo system
Another thing to keep in mind, the 5003 has almost no break-in time to speak of.
I like the headphone jack alittle better on the 5001 than the one on the5003.
The jack on the 5001 is livelier and more open sounding than than the one on the 5003.
The 5003 has a more solid build quality, and a smoother opening and closing of the disc drawer.
The detachable power cord inlet on te 5003 is a real joke!
There is no way an aftermarket power cord would plug into this player!
I will try to post further impressions after the 5003 has had some break-in time.
Right now the 5001 sounds more "right" to my ears.
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Give it time. Sometimes the "darker, more laid back" sound proves more rewarding in the end than the brighter, livelier sound. Just think of Bose and the aural fireworks displays they put on at their stores. Moves a lot of units. Over time,however, that bright-and-bubbly, great-to-meet-you sound can wear out its welcome.

But you already know that of course. That's why you are here.

So if I might amend my comment, I would say give it time but trust your ears.

Like Duke Ellington famously said, "if it sounds good, it IS good."
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You may want to re-read my last post...
I edited it by adding a few more things to it.
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Read it! Thanks for the update.
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Originally Posted by McPanse View Post
Appreciate the post, your majesty. One follow up question: the disc tray. How would you describe its operation?
I don't have a ton of experience with standalone CDPs but I have to say that this tray is silky smooth!

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I am keeping the Marantz CD5001 CD player and returning the CD5003 back to Crutchfield.
The 5003 is simply a little TOO laid-back, and a little too dark for my own personal tastes.
The headphone jack on the CD5001 also seems to have a little more output than the one on the 5003.
While I did like the CD5003, the 5001 suits my tastes and headphones better with its livelier, brighter, and more energetic personality.
It is a little rougher around the edges, and less refined than the 5003, but it is more involving and fun for me and my tastes than the 5003.
The 5003 sounds alittle "too refined", if that makes sense?
Again, this is using Sennheiser HD-650's, exclusively.
But, if you own brighter and more forward cans such as the AKG K701's, Grado's, or Beyer Dynamics, etc., or a brighter amp, the 5003 may just be the ticket for you!
I do recommend giving it "a spin", if you know what I mean.
Now, I want to compare the upcoming SA8003 and the CD5001!
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Your returning 5003 speaks volume. It is tempting me to buy one as the dealers here are selling it at a discounted price to clear the shelf for the new 5003.

I look forward to your 8003 vs. 5001 comparison...
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2 clarifications:

In 5001, there was no eject button on its remote.

Also the tray closes automatically after a few seconds.

Did you find the same with 5003?
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The short answer is YES.
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What do you think would sound better?

Marantz CD5001> Audioengine A5
Keces DA-151> Audioengine A5

I am trying to decide between the two.
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Thanks for the impressions Daltonlanny! It's always interesting to me to see how new hardware stacks up against well-regarded classic kit.
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This comparison I did, between the new 5003 and the old 5001, makes me also wonder if the upcoming Marantz SA8003 SACD/CD player will actually be a sonic improvement over the current SA8001.
Maybe, or Maybe not...
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