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Isn't the Orpheus out of production?
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Originally posted by hippo
Isn't the Orpheus out of production?
Yes, but they are not all sold. E.G., HeadRoom's Yahoo store lists that they have 3 left. Hopefully they won't all 3 have sold by the time I win the lottery (oh, wait, you have to play to win, and I don't play...)...alright, I'll marry into money... (:
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Let's see:

...roof over my head...

...sell the house, buy the Orpheus...

It's a tough one this
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well, I wouldn't want an Orpheus in my house, waay to flashy

but one day, I'll own a Crysler PT Cruiser, a big house with no neighbours, a kickass audio, a set of those electrostat/hybrid speakers that eeyssjr has and a Stax Omega II system with one of those bee-autifull tube-amps....


ah dreams
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Braver said...

... but one day, I'll own a Crysler PT Cruiser, ...

ah dreams
I dunno, sounds more like a nightmare to me!
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Hehe my friend had his car in the shop and got a PT cruiser for a rental cause it was free and since he was only gonna have it for a week he wanted the funniest looking car they got. So we drove around in our PT cruiser for a little while...now if only we had clown music to play whenever we get out of the vehicle!
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Actually, I think I would like a PT Cruiser (see PT Crusher -- revved up 10-cylinder post-factory mod). Since no two sides of it are parallel, I would think that it would be an audiophile's dream car. Get some good MB Quart speakers, McIntosh tube head, ... pig heaven!
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yeah, figured it was an odd looking car myself
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I realy don't get what the big deal about the Orpheus is, besides the delectable-looking amp that comes with them, and of course the price tag, which I find to be silly. I suspect that most of the hype comes from people who haven't heard or even *seen* them.

I've heard them at length at an audio store in Berlin, Germany (don't remember the name exactly, but they were right off Ku'damm near U1/U15 Uhlandstr. on the opposite side of the road from the BMW dealer, and they carried Acapella speakers) and I also had an opportunity to compare them to my '580s on their X-cans. For the types of music I listened to, the '580s were just plain better. In comparison, the Orpheus sounded slightly thin and reedy. (I listed to Bela Fleck's "Live Art", Gardiner's rendition of Holst's "Planets", Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds "Live at Luther College", and probably a Mahler or Shostakovich symphony.) They did have a snappier midrange, but I found myself more disenchanted by the things they didn't do well on the highs and lows to really enjoy their splendid midrange.

The image I could not get out of my head was, the Orpheus is designed for a professional oboe or clarinet player, to hear *all* of the nuances of others' play.

For me, the choice is pretty clear: for the same money as the Orpheus costs, I'd take the 580s, a Total AirHead, and a custom-tailored Kiton K-series suit!

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