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HiFi World (July) -> Orpheus, hd-600, Beyer DT931

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The July HiFi World (UK magazine) has reviews of the Sennheiser Orpheus amp and HE 90 headphones ; aslo the HD-600's and a comparison to the Beyerdynamic DT931 .

The 10,000 UK Pound Orpheus combo has the reviewer drooling.

HD-600's :

called *a very smooth customer indeed, very different from the immediate sounding Beyers. (HD-600's) are silky smooth, cans for people that listen for extended periods (smooth + comfortable fit = suit long sessions) .

As well as the smoothness, the author notes a good sense of detail and healthy bass extension. Also noted that the Senn's didn't shriek as much as the Beyers at the top of a trumpet blast,..and the Senn showed more body on piano .

Next rock is compared : the 600's didn't didn't have * as much intricate pin-point detail as the Orpeheus or the Beyer,...but this meant the listening was far easier on the ear* .

With classical found the music more lyrical than is usually found through headphones,..but also extended and airy.

Concludes about the 600's : It's like the difference between solid state and valves - the 600's are without doubt a valve-like headphone and all the better for it ; they're sophisticated, making many others sound brittle. Definitely not for hard house DJs but more for the marathon session audiophile.

I'll get to the Beyer comments later ..., Martin.
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Thanks for the info!

Of course, now I want to know more. I want to know it all! What did they use to drive the dynamic phones with? And what about the source? In what way did the reviewer exactly drool over the Orpheus? Anything he liked in particular? And did he compare the bass response of the Orpheus to that of the dynamic headphones? That is where dynamic transducers just have to be better - I mean, there is no such thing as an electrostatic subwoofer.

monk, give us every dirty detail of it.
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just scan the whole thing and put it online man!

I always wonder why I like reading reviews so much like I'm ever going to be able to afford all that stuff :P
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I think I read these magazine reviews just so the descriptions can get me drooling again!
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Full Reviews Posted Here .....

OK,...here are the reviews, scanned and posted to the web :

HiFi World - Orpheus - Page 1

And ,

Sennheiser 600's and Beyer 931's

Please note that the reviews will not be permanently posted on the web . If you like/want the review, make sure to save it to your computer (put mouse over page, right click, and select *save picture as* from the menu,...than select where on your computer you'd like the page saved, click save) .

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Very cool.

Thanks for posting that
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Thanks, Monk.........interesting read!
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THanks for the article scan !

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You are all welcome ...

On the HD-600's and Beyer 931 :

I have not heard the Beyer, but find the comments about the HD-600's are accurate. I find the sense of detail better than *good* and the bass extension better than *healthy* . But, what I think we have here is the English penchant for under-statement. Also, the reviewer has just been listening to the Orpheus combo, and that would blow anyone's usual reference points. Also, I'd have liked some mention of the electronics used for the 600/931 ...,.

In the back of the magazine they keep a short list of their favorite gear from the past. Only two headphones are listed :

Jecklin Float Model Two : Wonderful panel-like and open sound from these esoteric-looking headclamps. Do not wear in public unless you like being made a fool of ! 99 UK Pounds

Sennheiser HD-490 : Good value cans with an exciting and bassy sound. Everything one should look for in headphones at a sensible price. 50 UK Pounds

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Sennheiser HD-490 : Good value cans with an exciting and bassy sound. Everything one should look for in headphones at a sensible price. 50 UK Pounds
......*I don't believe it....
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Yeah, thanks a lot. God I wish I wish I wish I could have an Orpheus.

Admit it, the mere unattainable existence of that phone just eats at you, doesn't it? What do you bet the bulk of those things end up in the hands of people who listen to Yanni and John Tesh albums, and, when they're feeling, you know adventurous, they'll put on a Sting CD, because, he's like, so "spiritual".

There, I feel all better now.

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Carefull what you wish for, ...if you got the Orpheus, you might , stop going out, stop washing yourself, lose your job, start taking I-refuse-sleep-drugs , ....though I'm sure you'd risk it !

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Having heard both phones that review pretty much hits it concisely with the HD600 and DT931. In fact I was almost getting annoyed with my overall consensus...but thankfully I can totally disagree on their evaluation of the HD490's!
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yeah, no kidding.
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I agree with those descriptions as well. I have listened to HD-580 for hours and hours from day to day without any fatigue. They're great. However, after listening to DT-931 you realize that they're not perfect. After that, you always look at them in different light. That's the curse of this hobby.
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