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Tomahawk or SR-71A

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I just got a pair of Shure SE530's, and I am torn between getting a Tomahawk or holding out for the SR-71A. I have previously owned both a Tomahawk, and the original SR-71. I know the new SR-71A is going to have a three position gain switch, which could be matched beautifully with the SE530's, but the Tomahawk was made for IEM's. Any thoughts or advice on what I should do? Thanks! - WaxMan.
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Get a Hornet. Cheaper than the 71 and provides recharge capability as well as the 3 pole gain.
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sr-71 is the better of the three, and the batt. life and size are the only issues if you like its sound. i like mine even better now that i've put opa627 opamps in it.

if you already have an expensive amp that has a pot that does not go uneven at low volume, why are you looking to spend more money, if i may ask?
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I have owned the Tomahawk and it is a nice amp. However the SR71 is IMO a much better amp and one of the best ever. If the new SR71A is at least as good as the SR71 it would be a no brainer, get the SR71A.

Although ideally the best thing for you to do is to audition both, which may take a little while until the SR71A is available.
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With IEM's I would go Tomahawk. You have owned one so what was the problem with it with IEM's? If there was some full size cans involved then I would maybe have a different opinion?
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I like my Tomahawk. But I have never heard the difference between the SR71, Tomahawk, and the Hornet. This is good thread, I'd be interested to know the SQ differences...
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x2 on the tomahawk, i have been lucky enough to hear the difference between the tomahawk and the hornet, and tomahawk wins for me. I've not had the pleasure of listening to the sr-71 yet, but if it is anywhere as near as good as the predator amp section then it will win hands down. But then you have to look at the advantages of the tomahawk- size and the fact that 2x aaa batteries will give you hundreds of hours of use.

The tomahawk is the top of the tree when it comes to true portability
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Sheeesh...Westone UM2 or Tomahawk. Hmmm...UM2 or Tomahawk [dilemma]
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The Hornet, even in low gain, pushes my UM2's a bit more than I'm comfortable with (kinda strained sounding) while the Go-Vibe 7 ECO seems to suit my taste more being low key and mellow. Having said that, I'd suggest the Tomahawk since, like the ECO, it's made for IEMs even though I've never heard one.
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Are you totally portable?? If "yes" get the Tomahawk.

Portable plus a little bedside or chairside listening?? Get the SR-71 or its new upgrade.

Staying with IEMs or maybe a full-sized headphone in the future plans? Get the SR-71 or its new upgrade.

have owned both simultaneously and can tell you the SR-71 is a brick to lug around while the TH fits quite nicely in the pocket when banded with the Ipod or similar player.

ORRRR--get used TH in the F/S forum, play with it and wait until the reviews come out on the new SR-71a. that would mean you'd have 4-6 months to get used to the Tomahawk while reading what others say about the new SR-71a
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It comes down to size. I wouldn't consider the SR-71 to be very portable (I don't carry my Nintendo DS Lite or my PSP slim around with me for a reason, even though they are "portable") if you were to use it in conjunction with a regular sized iPod.
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Portability means different things to different people. For me, I tend to carry a bag with me most of the time. Whether it be a briefcase...a backpack...or something similar...so I would always choose sound quality over size.

Check out my sig...with my set up, I don't mind lugging around a bigger configuration. As a matter of fact, I have a Decware Zen Head on the way. I am intrigued by what Ray has up his sleeve with this new version of the SR-71...and if it's a definite improvement, I'd consider giving it a try.

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IMO, if you are going to use the SE530 on the street, go ampless. I have a Hornet M, ALO LOD, iPod classic and Shure E500 (same as the SE530). When I'm out for a walk, portable amps are more of bother than they are worth. I admit that a portable improves SQ and it removes the very slight hiss that you hear with the 530 plugged straight into the iPod, however, IMO when you are out and about the SQ improvement is not worth the inconvenience of having to carry another piece of equipment. I do use the Hornet with my full size cans when I listen at home but away from my home amp. I use to own the original SR71 but I like the Hornet better because it has the gain switch and it has more gain for low sensitivity HP like my full size K340s.

My advice, for portable use, go ampless. If you must get an amp, get the new SR71A because its probably the best SQ and it will have the gain switch for greater versatility.
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Pulled the trigger on an SR-71A today! I am so ready to pull some serious G's in the stratosphere of my cranium! Thanks Ray!
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Ok guys. A little help here. All my listening is portable. 50% of the time I'm using my Shure 530's, 25% of the time my RS-1's, 25% my ATH-ESW9's. My amp is the tomahawk and so far I've been pretty happy. Both sets of cans are very efficient and I use them on the hi gain switch. If I don't care about the size would I be much better off with the SR71A?
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