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GoVibe Martini or Petite?

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i went to a popular shop here in singapore to try out Portable amps..they were very enthusiastic.

I liked Martini for my HD555 although they their bass is little more than i need.

Second ones i liked were Petite...they have a USB DAC interface also...perfect for me.

Can u tell me more about GoVibe and where it stands in the Amp world?

Are they worth buying?

GoVibe Martini: $120

GoVibe Petite: $175

Headphones: HD555 (50 Ohm)
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I have a Petite and I am quite impressed. I don't think there is much more to expect from a portable amp without going up to $500 level and even then expect serious diminishing returns.

When I was researching my purchase I found several threads favorably comparing the Petite to other favorites like the Pico and the Predator.

Portable Setup: Zen Sleek -- Cardas Mini -- Go-Vibe Petite -- Denon C751, triple.fi 10
Home Setup: Dell XPS -- MHDT Labs Paradisea+ DAC --Darkvoice THA332 Amp -- ATH W5000/Senn HD595
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Tried the iBasso D2 Boa/Viper? Can find them at Stereo Electronics in Causeway Point.
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hi evilmerlin.

i sent u a PM regarding iBasso D2 Boa.

no one has been able to tell Boa vs Petite which is better as a DAC
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I have bypassed the Petite dac with a ESI U24 and my Paradisea dac and from what I heard the Petite dac is only so-so. The amp in the Petite is of much better quality than its dac and scales with better sources.
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Thread Necro! I would just like to share that I have used both the Boa and the Petite and I find the Petite is better. Petite is more powerful and really brings some punch to the mids and low end. Boa sounds more neutral in comparison and doesn't add as much impact to the low end.

This is as an amp.

As a DAC... not sure. For some reason the Boa doesn't like my laptop. I've tried two different Boas and neither work as a DAC with my laptop.
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Im sure they were all waiting all this time for your answer...lol
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