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Where To Buy Cmoy?

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OK, I've got a rockin' pair of portapros and just picked up a beautiful pair of KSC75's. Now, I am interested in getting a portable amp. To start, I want a cmoy. It's just less expensive and I do want to minimize the cost while trying to maximize sound quality.

What's the best place to buy cmoy's? Are there good sellers here on head fi? What about ebay? Other sellers?
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Thanks for the free advertising lewislink, but i'm out of amps, kit's and everything else at the moment. Plus i only build because i like soldering and was never in it for the money

To be honest porta, from what i have seen, heard and read you can't go far wrong with Headphonia's caffeine ultra- for $65 it seems a steal. Plus look on ebay, the juice cmoys and the other guys there all have good feedback so they must be turning out decent products.

Failing that, keep your eyes open in the for sale forum, there are some great amps which come up for sale regularly there.
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I have a Gary's PA2V2 in excellent condition I'll let a have. If interested, PM me.
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Nice work lewis, great starter amp for you porta
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Thanks for the suggestions. As I read reviews on the cmoys, they are suggesting higher priced amps give even better performance, such as ibasso. I'll look into those, too.
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Ebay works as well, just my 2 cents.
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I just got the Penguin Caffeine Ultra and am very happy so far. Not much listening time but it definately has a good effect on soundstage for both my higher end IEM's.

Build quality is fantastic. Seems very solid, nice internals but you cant see much of them. Ill move up someday but for my $65 Im more then satisfied so far.
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Here's a link to the BSG cmoy.

Or the CSG cmoy.

And the eclipse cmoy.

Lots of these things all over ebay.
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I like the following two amp options alot:

fiio low cost amp. Some are saying they have issue with hiss, but I saw a youtube demo where it seem this amp clearly boosts volume and sound quality. Quite impressive for a less than ten dollar unit

ibasso. These offer a line out function? So it can do double duty with my computer as well as headphones.

The penguin, pa2v2 and ebay items all seem like quality units as well. I'd like to buy several but have to control my costs.
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Hey pseudohippy you got your Caffeine, awesome!
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Yes I did, and Im really happy with it. So now there is at least two of em in the state. I see your just up the road from me. Maybe we'll run into each other someday, Ill be the guy with the Penguin and D2 lol.
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Second the BSG Cmoy... That was my first amp before I got my Meier and it was surprisingly good. He's very friendly and will put in the opamp of your choice. The fit and finish is great. Have fun getting it thru airport security if you try! Especially if you get one in an Altoid tin or similar...
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I got my Lyrix on the way. Gogogo maimanl!
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