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Hey everyone,
I am looking for a good headphone amp+usbdac for my laptop, there is the pico of course but i do not like the wait time and I also know some people who have owned it and were not that impressed with it. I have the sr71a and really like it but it has no usb. I owned the predator in the past (though I did not give it enough burn in time since i got too impatient with it/didnt like the sound enough).
I could get a portable usbdac and a mini-to mini to connect to my sr71a, or i could get an ibasso or a 3move (gotta love competition).
I was just about to buy a 3move when i discovered an ibasso related thread. I am new to ibasso what will be the 'top of the heap'ibasso amp+dac? the d10? There are so many current models and models to come, maybe I should wait anothe rmonth before making my final decision because theyr new lineup seems to be rolling out just now.
Anybody compared an ibasso to the zero amp+dac or the 2move?

thanks in advance
greetings, anouk