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I am so tempted! but I do not need an amp/dac.
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Spent some time today with the touch - Yamamoto connection, just for relaxing (unfortunately had some tube problems/hum in one tube, too).
Now back on the touch - Python I am really impressed how fine the Python amp is playing. In Tango Bitter Sweet (Quadro Nuevo) musette and sax are sounding just right with a touch of warmth. (It can not be the little bit Blu Tack with which I fixed the big caps in the Python?) The bass seems to sound deeper than yesterday.
(I am still waiting for the rechargeables - eneloopes - than I will burn in overnight ....)
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How fine it is that I can switch to the laptop as source when the battery in the touch goes empty (just happened). Now with the Vaio-Python - ouch - the sound is more open, better seperation of the instruments, more air inbetween bass and guitar, bigger ear-space...
(...I have found a good use for my macally resizeable universal usb cable, which sounds better than the stock ones ..... tssss - you shall not use an usb cable with ferrite for audio-usb, I have read ... here)
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Hi rhw,

did the Python come with a 3.5 to 3.5 cable? Or did you have to purchase one yourself?
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The D3 Python comes with a 3.5 to 3.5 (mini-mini) cable, as well as a USB cable.
I'm waiting for customs to get there hands off my IPod LOD cable and let me have it (maybe the guys at customs are headfiers, and they just love to open up our gear and play with it for a few days!)
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New hifi gear is bad for your (w)health

Well I've spent some quality time with my D3, using a MZ-NH1 line-out, IPod 160 GB Classic, and a Sony Vaio laptop, going through my music collection from Miles Davis, through Frazk Zappa to Pucinni and The Band!

Prior to the D3 my portable had been as much about blocking out noise when travelling than really just providing a suitable listenening environment. The extra ommph and calrity that the Python provides has breathed life back into my Ety Er-6i's - heck there is even some bass to be heard in there.

In terms of portable, using the lineout on my HiMD playing lossless PCM files, it was wonderful, even really complex music was clear and precise, very bright, but not hissy sibilant, just like 'superclear' (imagine getting your teeth scraped, polished etc, that superclean feeling that lasts until your first coffee and bagel!) - I found myself doing the old 'I don't remember hearing that before!' routine (thats just because you've stopped listening properly), but hearing familiar music with 'new' details is just such fun. Ok, I'm very fond of Sony MD gear, I do like that sound and I pretty much only ever listen to lossless files, but I was after a portable setup that sounded like a 'budget' home deskbound system, and I have to say that this does that very well.

Comparing to my DV332 there is a loss of the 'prescence' of that amp - that very hard to describe quality in the music, that better sound pressure, faster transient, 'life like quality' - but then this is a portable amp the size of a small pack of cards, but with more and more listening time on the D3, I'm enjoying the sound more and more.

The real revelation comes when the DAC/AMP combination comes into play. I am still very surprised about how good this sounds - there is a real synergy between the DAc and AMP that isn't there when you split them up. I ran laptop to DAC-DV332 for a few hours, and the wow factor wasn't there - it was a good sound, but not, well 'special'. But back to DAC/AMP it sounded much better, the colouration of the amp works well with the DAC. Playing flac's with winamp 5.4 on the laptop through both my DT770 and ER-6i's just sounded lovely - and ... and this is the hard but to say .. better than the Sony HiMD D3 combo, but then its not quite so portable. But already I'm considering a mini notebook with SS drive and a USB disc full of flacs, I just wished that my N810 could output via the USB - but this seems an option thats just not going to be realised.

So, in summary, I really like the D3, think its pretty decent value at $219 plus shipping, it will breath life into your portable rig and can work as a pretty decent 'luggable' system. I'm glad I waited for this amp to hit the streets, I was so close to buying just an amp, which I now realise would have been a worse choice as the best combination with the D3 is the FLAC-DAC/Amp-Head=Huge Grin!

So I'm sorted on the amp side, now to get some killer cans!


Update : The customs men have had their fill of my IPod LOD so the kind MrPostie handed it over 30 mins ago. Going to test this out today, heres hoping for a nice improvement (well some improvement at least!)
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Thanks for the info BigTony..

I have one more question, I saw in someone's review of the iBasso D2 Boa, that he ordered the more expensive mini to mini wire and that he experienced clearer sound from it then the one that came with the amp.

I was just wondering, does a wire like that really make a big difference in sound quality?
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I think that the basic mini-mini is just that, you may well get better SQ with a better cable.
I have just recieved my IPod LOD connector/cable and I hope this will be an improvement over the mini-mini cable, as it bypasses the headamp part of the ipod circuit.
I would guess that LineOut is the best route, follwoed by upgrading the mini-mini cable, but it really all depends on your source.
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WOW - BT - good reading/writing
(I am jealous on all these native speakers/readers/writers ... )

I asked my son (he is not or less involved in hifi/head-fi) to have a short listen to three combinations and his comment was simple but ....
Touch-Shek ... sound good
Touch-Python ... better, more natural
Touch-Yamamoto ... life like, it is like being there
In real it is unfair to compare the last combination with the others ...
The Python does have its own magic and for the size it is a tiny wonder.
Combined with a decent headphone - you will miss nothing.
(Without having listened to it, just from reading, an ATH woody could be a fine partner.)
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Originally Posted by BigTony View Post
I think that the basic mini-mini is just that, you may well get better SQ with a better cable.
A better mini-mini cable won't make a difference in SQ, but build and component quality will certainly make a difference to how long it lasts (plus they look pimp). However, switching to the LOD should show a difference.
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Do not kill me roxxor,
but I hear a difference.
Just compared again the mini-mini from the D3 package to my DIY mini-mini. The sound becomes fuller, cleaner, deeper bass ....
It might be the cable, the connectors - ......
Surely it depends on the source, the amp, the headphones (with the sr60 it is less obvious than with the rs1 .....)
Another thing might be when you compare better (build) cables.
In my own experience the difference between a FadelArt, a Kimber, my Mundorf DIY is smaller, but there is a difference.
(When all is psycho acoustics it is fine for me, too )
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Hey Roxxor,

forgive my ignorance, but what does LOD stand for?
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Originally Posted by Tensa View Post
what does LOD stand for?

.... but wiki tells something else .... LevelOfDetail, ....
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How does the D3's or for that matter the D2's two DACs work together? Does it do Hi-Rez files at Hi-Rez or does it down grade the signal to 48kHz or so?
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Anything above 16/44.1 will be down-sampled as it passes through USB, before the iBasso DAC, since the USB receiver is limited to 16/44.1. As far as I know, the only native USB DAC to pass through 24/96 is the Benchmark DAC1.
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