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iBasso D3 Python - first impressions

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Following up the thread iBasso Python
here my first visual impressions of the iBasso D3 Python

What you get...

the blue light signals the DAC running

insert/change the batteries

open front - hello iBasso: missing the T6 Torx screwdriver!

looking inside

the boards are soldered together - no free view to the amp board.

reposting from the other thread:
Just got my Python - really fast.
The package looked cheap - but when opening the little sound toy looks beautiful.
You will find inside the box
the DAC/amp in dark grey,
an extra case (only the main body not the front and back plates),
extra screws!,
a leather pouch (really soft, smooth inside - big enough for the touch),
the warranty card and the owner manual (one page)
+ a short mini to mini cable + an usb cable

Out of the box it sounds fine - well not as refined as the Yamamoto HA-02 - but not bad.
As a source I used the touch (lossless file) and had a short comparison with the same file running from a Vaio over usb - the Python DAC and amp. Sounds similar at first.

I think the Python will need some time to burn in.....
Nice work iBasso!
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Had a short test using the Python as a DAC.
Vaio>Python>Yamamoto HA-02>Grado RS1
Well it is a sweet sounding DAC - detailed (i.e. in the treble), a bit light in the bass, smooth, liquid mids (remember it is "out of the box").
Btw. the amp is set to mute when the Python is used as a DAC only (line-in on the front switching to line-out). It needs no battery in this configuration (powered by usb).
I have to wait for my "rechargeables". Burning in on battery is not fine.......

Someone else early experience?
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Here the technical specifications (from the Owner´s manual):
(i think noone has posted it until now)

Frequency Response:
20Hz-20KHz +/-0.5dB (DAC)
10Hz-100KHz -0.5dB (AMP)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 97dB (DAC) 104dB (AMP)
Crosstalk: 93dB (DAC) 101db (AMP)
Total Harmonic Distortions:
0,006%@1kHz/0dB (DAC)
0,0009%@1kHz/0dB (AMP)
Output power: Up to 180mW+180mW into 32OHM
Gain: 3dB/10dB (AMP)
Battery Life: >100hours (with 5AAA batteries)
Recommended Headphone Impedance: 8-300OHM
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Very fine reporting. Thank you
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Thanks for the pics & impressions.

How big is it in comparison to the touch?

Please continue to update us as it burns in.
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Thanks for looking

How big is it in comparison to the touch?
I will take a picture later the day .....

Here a comparison created on sizeasy

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Awesome, getting more and more interested in this everyday.

Its either this or a Deckware Zen Head ZH-1, though maybe I should get those customs first.

Can't wait to hear what it sounds like after burn in!
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Ok, it seems my luck was in.
After telling me last night I would have to wait until Sat. to get my package, guess what... Yes its just arrived!

And I have just thought of a great new slogan : 'Plug 'N' Smile'

So fresh out of the pack, fresh batteries, IPod 160 GB (ALAC lossless) and my DT770's - 'Miles Davis - Bitches Brew' was first up and it sounded just how I wanted it to to, nice and full, lots of impact, all the instruments defined well, nice soundstage, and a big grin!
Second quick try was 'Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf' again - nice impact, everything thumping as it should - great sound from a little package .. did I mention its tiny? The only thing big was my grin!

I don't have anything amp wise to comapre it with (its my first portable amp) but it sounds better than the headphone out on my Beresford DAC, but not as good as the DV 332 - but then I wasn't expected it to be that good.
I'm going to need some quality time with my new friend.

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size comparison D3 Python vs. iPod touch

Here some more pics
Python <-> touch

[one more picture in the album]

btw. I like the new front design of the D3 - compared to the D2 it seems (to me) a bit clearer/more "Bauhaus"

second day sound:
the mids fine as before (also a strenght of the RS1) - the voice of Luiz Bonfa or the guitar of Baden Powell - wonderful,
the treble less hard, more sophisticated now (well, better on the RS1 than on the SR60) - will need some more time ...... w.a.i.t.i.n.g
the bass well controlled
compared with the same songs running from the touch-Python
the sound becomes more blurred, like a soft curtain falling over the music.
It is a bit like the step from the touch (integrated amp) to a portable amp ...

//fine that you have got the amp, too, BT
will be interesting how you listen (to) the tiny (smiling) snake
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I'm going to hook it up through my laptop tonight as I haven't recieved my IPod LOD yet, so that should be telling.


PS Great photo's rhw!
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Originally Posted by BigTony View Post
Yes its just arrived!
Hey, how much did it cost all in Tony?

Shipping & Customs (if applicable) included.

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For those who have the D2,

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Well I put in a few 'hard' hours listening last night, and I'm still smiling

My thoughts on the DAC/AMP - DT770/80 Pro

As I mentioned my LOD connection for my IPod is in the post, so all the initial listening was done using the supplied mini-to-mini connection. So I hooked up my lappy and got my FLAC's out to put this little puppy through some paces.

Well - excellent sound, no noise from the DAC, very very crisp sound, bigger soundstage than from the IPod Mini, more room for the instruments, more air. Bass still lurking, but perhaps more controlled (I made sure all EQ was flat) and I was happliy turning it up a few more notches to really get some power into my DT770's. I was playing a bunch of tracks, mostly 'Gratefull Dead -- Live At Winterland' as I listen to alot of live music and I wanted to see how this would fare, and rather than chop nd change, settling down with a long set or 2 that I have played to death, really allowed me to listen. Well, the DAC has really impressed me, I'd be quite happy to load my music collection onto a portable HDD and lug my lappy around to get this level of sound - I guess I'll have to wait and see how much better the LOD on my IPod will improve its sound (I have ALAC lossless on my IPod and FLAC on the laptop).

So, its tiny, its cute, it sounds great, my GF is bound to find it and nick it - and this is only after 6 hours.

A note on the brightness : I suffer from sinus problems which makes sibilance a realy big problem, to the extend that I sometime can't listen to music, and this amp produces a very bright sound from the DAC, but its not sibilant, just lots of details mid-high end.

Guess I just need to pair this up with a better set of cans for my mobile rig.


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Thanks BT for reporting your impressions. Fine writing.

A note on the brightness
I see the strenght of the Python in transparency at the moment. The sound is more light than warm - but the treble is (becomes more and more) silky ......

There is some kind of synergy between the DAC and amp part in this vein. (Does anyone know which opamps are used in the amp section?)
I played around a bit tonight.
Connecting my Shek h1 as a DAC or amp on the Pythons amp or DAC. The Shek is a warm sounding unit (DAC BB 2702, opamp BB 2227). When combining the two units Python DAC + Shek amp or Shek DAC + Python amp, both loose their impact.

Will see how the sound develops. Nice game.

BT - have you connected laptop+Python DAC to your Darkvoice?
You will need a Mini to RCA cable.
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Originally Posted by rhw View Post
Thanks BT for reporting your impressions. Fine writing.

BT - have you connected laptop+Python DAC to your Darkvoice?
You will need a Mini to RCA cable.
No I haven't - still running the SB3 through my Beresford DAC, but I guess I could try hooking my Laptop to the DV332, just for fun - guess that would be a good way to get a handle on the DAC capabilities. But as you said, there is a synergy between the DAC and amp on the D3. I'll try this while I wait for my Ipod LOD to arrive.

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