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Hey that black one isn't a pencil, is it?

@TheMarchingMule: Moleskines are great for drawing. I use a large hardback for doodling during lectures and sermons and such. I can't just sit and listen... Anyway, they're a little expensive, but money well spent IMO. I carry a Moleskine (or 2) around everywhere I go and put them through a lot of abuse, and they remain intact. Meanwhile, I watch my friends' notebooks fall to pieces.
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The black one is also a pencil, the head retracts when not in use so it does not have the looks of the older one but it is a .7 pencil.
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Ah, so it's not an old-style 600, then? So, it's not just a black version of the silver, right?
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Nope newer version. Not as highly favored but still a nice pencil. Actually seems to have better weight and weight distribution to me.

There is a black version and it is pictured a couple pages back.
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Right now I have 4 pencils for the rotring 600 group buy. This doesnt seem to be enough to make this worthwhile. If more people (in US/Can) wants to do this, PM me with what color (black or silver) and what lead size (0.3,0.5,0.7) you want.
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^ Now you have six!
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^ make that eight!
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Dammit, I want and old black one but I'm in NZ. I wonder if fraseyboy and chinesekiwi want to drop NZD60 on pencils...
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My black .7 600 arrived today. 3 days travel time from Japan an customs, I'm impressed.
The pencil is actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be, which is a good thing! Feels very well made, gave it a little spin with a sketch an it handles well.
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So right now, we have 8 orders

meat01 - 1 black (0.5)
Granthos - 1 black (0.5)
- 1 silver (0.7)
yuckymucky - 1 black (0.5)
- 1 silver (0.7)
TheMarchingMule - 1 black (0.5)
1 silver (0.5)
Rednamalas1 - 1 black (0.7)
- 1 silver (0.7)
jinp6301 - 1 silver (0.3)

adion - 1 black (0.5)
tpc41 - 1 black (0.5)
tangsta - 3 black (0.5)
- 1 silver (0.5)

These are all the PMs that Ive gotten from people so far. Total is 10 pencils so if you still want to get in the group buy, send me a PM asap.
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Any guess on when the orders will be placed, so we can forward the money to you?
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I'll wait another day then I'll get the price quote from the company.
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Alright I asked for a quote for 16 pencils so we'll see what we get
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Got an email back from the company

Dear Mr. ME

Thank you for your ordering at bundoki.com again.

We don't have enough quantity for your order and has been already ordering items to our wholesaler.
I will send you an invoice as soon as we stock all items.

If you have any question, please contact me anytime.

Best regards,
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oh noes.
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