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pencil fi?

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this might be an odd question but is there such a thing as pencil fi? ive been using pencils exclusively for the past 6-7 years, using a pen only when required (banks, official documents and such). after reading the pen-fi thread, it got me thinking. with as much as i write everyday (mostly math), it would be nice to have a pencil that is not only functional but also looks pleasing to the eye. following are a few things i had in mind for the ideal "nice" pencil.

-not terribly expensive ($30-$50 would be the most id be willing to spend including shipping if the pencil is not available locally). im just a math major and wont be signing any documents outlining national security.
-a big/retractable eraser. i erase...a lot, so this would probably be the deciding factor but im guessing with pencils worth of pencil fi, form would be given greater importance over function.
-mechanical. given the amount i have to write in each class or in each sitting, a wooden pencil that needs to be sharpened isnt exactly practical.
-something that is aesthetically pleasing but isnt shaped like a deformed vegetable.

does such a pencil exist? is there a "pencil fi" site? is there a particular brand that makes "nice" pencils regardless of the cost? (i would just like to learn).


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Pencil forums are usually a subset of pen forums. Try cult pens.
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Come on, craps and giggles, you research boys should realize that this belongs in the Gear forum... .

On a more helpful note, I survived high school with a mech. pencil in writing position, with a lengthy retractable eraser at about a 60deg angle to that. This made it easy to perform the frequent task of erasure. Needless to say, this did not help my OCD tendencies that required unreasonably strict HW formatting standards on my part.

When it takes you ten minutes to get the heading correct, you have a problem.
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i thought about putting it there but i figured it might get a little more responses around here and from more people from different backgrounds.

im just looking for something nice now. as a self gift if you will for having been in school for so long. today i celebrate 6 years of college without a summer off since i graduated from high school so technically its been 8 years but whose counting. just thought id buy something nice that id use everyday and to commemorate the day.
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add availability in the us as well. dont really feel like paying shipping for a pencil from china
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Personally, I love Faber Castell. You can pick them up at any decent stationer or pen supply (assuming you have one of those). The e-motion feels great in my hands. I have the fountain, roller, and pencil.
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I much prefer to write with a mechanical pencil and I have a nice one for doing this with, Its the lovely noise it makes. Most of the time however, ink seems to be a requisite.
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I just buy a large pack of bic mechanical pencils since I seem to lose them like crazy.
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I've been wondering a similar thing, except I want woodies and an electric sharpener. Kind of analogous to woodies (headphones) and an amp, huh? Gosh, I love the smell of sharpened pencils...
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I'd personally recommend Pentel P205 as a good mechanical pencil model. Simple, durable, hard to break and rather cheap. It seems to meet a lot of what the OP is asking for, but in this case, it's probably not the best recommendation as the eraser on this model is rather narrow and is not retractable (though it does have a metal cover). I'd still recommend it and say that if the eraser is too small for your needs (and judging by what the OP has requested, it almost certainly well be), get a nice big eraser to go with it.
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Pentel Kerry
Staedtler 925
Pentel Graphgear 500
Alvin Draft/Matic
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What you want is a Rotring 600, the old brass model rather than the new ones. Best mechanical pencil ever made, absolutely no questions.

It doesn't have a large eraser, but you should get a separate eraser anyway. I'm partial to the ones shaped like pencils themselves that retract.

Anyway, you can still find oldschool Rotring 600s on eBay. It's doubtful that you'll find one in a brick and mortar store, but that's okay. Once you get one you'll never be able to use another pencil again.
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Here are the ones that I currently use:

pentel graphgear 1000

pentel smash

Pentel ergonomix cork edition:

All three are very comfortable even after long note taking

I generally don't like any of pencil's erasers (they tend to break after 10x use) so I just carry a erasor with me
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Originally Posted by monolith View Post
What you want is a Rotring 600, the old brass model rather than the new ones. Best mechanical pencil ever made, absolutely no questions.
I'll have to look into that one. I have a Rotring Rapidioliner which love to sketch with. Great quality.
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I also love the Rotring 600. There are usually a few on eBay (NOS, too) and are worth getting before they're all gone. I also use a Namiki I can't remember the model of, and a Pentel 5, that I've had about 15 years. The Pentel is great because it's capped, like a pen. You can put it in a shirt pocket without poking yourself. I don't know if they're still available, but worth buying if you can find one.

Still, for availability and performance, the Rotring 600 is tough to beat.
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