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It is still going - because I have it Seriously though the hand-off went off fine but the chap told me (nice guy btw) that he had the thing for months and thought he was stuck with it forever MrJoshua has dealt with me before (he made me a small mini-mini a lifetime ago) but I did not expect anything as I heard nothing until a random phone call from the previous loanee last week

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HP nc8430 laptop XP SP3 -> Foobar v0.9.4.2. with ASIO4ALL enabled -> Edirol UA-25 Sound Card -> RCA out

Amps: RSA Tomahawk and Graham Slee Novo
Headphone: Sennheiser HD600

----------------------------------------- One hour listening time -----------------------------------------

The Tomahawk (herein T115) immediately compared to the Novo - I notice that voices are not as close, spaced further out and allowed to breathe. They seem to get a lift and sparkle that is just so lovely. Novo adds a twangy edge to the guitar and piano which I am still undecided on. Other elements of the sound seem on par. But I think on this point the T115 is an astonishing amp - that it can stand proud next to the Novo and pack the punch it does in such a small package

So would I buy the Novo? Not an immediate yes. I need more time with it I feel...

Da-da-da(!) So slightly underwhelmed at this point and also a little bored, and procrastinating from preparing for my law competitions at the weekend I suddenly had a thought: "why not use the Novo as a pre-amp and feed it into the T115?!"


Now vocals are a slither of a higher level. Wonderful sparkle. Female vocals sound so sweet. As far away as with just the Novo but now the vocals have far more reach. Can't fail to "stop what you are doing and love it"

The separation! I didn't realise it but details and elements of the music were masked.
Led Zep ~ Black Dog: Now I can hear the distinct taps of the drum sticks by Bonham before each riff. The warming up of the guitar you hear at the beginning of the track is more prominent and not as veiled and hidden in the background.
In all the songs I played each element of the music was given as much oopmh yet did not obstruct anything else. The separation and control to behold. Drums in Black Dog a perfect example. With just the Novo it was somewhat masked and dulled by the guitar. Yet wit my pre-amp~amp combo the drums were distinct yet still as part of a whole with the guitar. With the pre-amp combo bass noticeably pack more punch and the splish and splash of cymbals not as thin and veiled

Just listened to Jeff Buckley, Grace and track 7 "Lover, You Should've Come Over" positively *sparkles*