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Graham Slee "Novo" - UK Loaner Program

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Calling anyone in the UK interested in hearing Graham Slee's latest high fidelity headphone amplifier: The "Novo"!

This amp sits between the well renowned Voyager portable amp and the hugely successful Solo home amp. It is more compact than the Solo, but it packs a massive punch, while retaining all the subtle finesse that Graham Slee products are known for.

I have a factory fresh "Novo" 100% discrete solid state amplifier burning in that I picked up last night which will shortly be available for short-term (1 week) loans around the UK. I want to do some more critical listening to it after burn-in, but I plan on posting it to the first member on the list around the 18th September.

Standard loan agreement applies: You have it for 1 week, after which you will send it via Royal Mail Special Delivery to the next person on the list. You are entirely responsible for the amplifier while it is in your possession (You break it, you buy it. You scratch it, you buy it. You lose it, you get the picture!!).

This offer is open to the first 10 UK Head-Fi members with over 100 posts to email me: "josh at tigerstyle . co . uk" with your forum name, real name, postal address and phone number.

First come, first served.

I will have it back after 10 members have listened to it, so that I can check the condition (and have another listen myself), after which I will put it back into circulation if there is demand.

Please post any questions about the amp in this thread and I will try to answer them promptly.

Best Regards

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Stick me down on the list would you.

I hope my credentials see me through.

I will send you the info you require via the e-mail you gave out.

Many thanks.
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Hey, I am like 10 miles from U.K....

PICS PLS, cant find on internet
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Will take and post some pics when I get home. It's very new, so that's why there's not much about it on the web yet.

Just so everyone knows, this is a pre-production model. The ONLY difference I'm aware of is the front panel is not quite the correct size on this amp, but it doesn't affect the sound or use in any way (and we're only talking 1-2mm difference!)
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Shame you can't stretch to the EU, I am also back in the UK in October and would have love to have tied this in but in all fairness I probably would not have time to give it a good listen. Maybe next time !!!

Hope it goes well for you Josh. Hope no one has to buy it
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A new Graham Slee amp is wonderful news! Any early sound impressions? Wish I were in the UK .
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My details are in the post. This is great news for all us UK Head-Fiers - be a real shot in the arm! I really hope this is a success, it would be a really nice action to get a loaner program through well, and to read about eveyone and how thet got on with the amp in their situation.


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Come on boys and girls - Get emailing me your details!

(To the EU people... I'll ask Graham what he proposes to do for you guys - Maybe you can get this one after the first 10 UK people.)
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Great pictures. And I see it has a line out, something I wish the Solo also had.

And thanks for asking on behalf of us EU people!
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Too bad it's not open to european people
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Put me down as well
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I also want to try it

I also want to try it.

Please let me know when it becomes available .
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I'm up. Always been interested in the Solo but never got a chance to hear one...
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I'd be very interested in this. I've been considering a SS amp for some time now..

Email sent
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I'm up. I sent you an email earlier today. Thanks for organising this.
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