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Soundmagic pl30

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I read about these soundmagic pl30 iem and just had to order a pair. I am going to see if they have better sound than my jvc fx66 on my sansa clip. I got them at for 42.00 + 10.00 shipping. They said I would have them in 3-5 days. Anybody have or heard these.
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I ordered some as well. I'm also currently waiting for them to arrive. I recommend we keep all comments on these phones in the other, larger PL30 thread to avoid confusion. -CK
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I agree. It will be 11 days today that I have been waiting for the pl-30. I hope they are here today. I will post my thoughts on them in the bigger thread.
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3 to 5 days? that fast????
Their site said it need about 7 to 12 business days, and i am still awaiting too.

Please make a post here when u got them
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Sorry I must have misread that 3-5 days. They are taking forever. LOL. Not here today. Mail already came without them.
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lol, I am just a bit jealous for those posted "impressions of PL30"

Hope it will arrive at monday.....
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