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Re: Re: Ordering HeadMaster from the UK

Originally posted by jatinder
Hi all,

I've ordered stuff from Stone Audio and Signals - both are reliable sources.

From what I know, the HeadMaster is available in non-remote and remote form. The remote form is used as the pre-amp to their "mini" hi-fi system.

I liked the HeadMaster too and couldn't really choose between it and the EarMax Pro.

ive ordered stuff from stone audio too.. proceed with caution.
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Well I brought my Headmaster from Stone Audio and have no problem recommending them. The only thing you have to watch out for is the exchange rate, which at the time I was purchasing it, was fluctuating like crazy. So when they actually collected from their bank (via my credit card purchase) the price was slightly elevated. Be aware that you'll also have to pay import fees which cost me another $43.00 when the amp arrived here (PA) from JFK International Airport. However, it was all well worth it!
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You mentioned that you tested the Corda HA-1 as well. How did it fare with that group?


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I own the following amps and am thrilled at how the Sugden Headmaster edges out other well regarded head amps.
1. ALO studio six. The king. No electronic haze. Warm and fully transparent. Big and open.
2. Pathos Aurium. Tone. Texture. Extension.
3. Sugden Headmaster. Rich. Full. Meaty. Amazing information retrieval but not analytical. Exceptional functionality.
4. Beyerdynamic A-1. Perfect with T1 cans but tilted in treble vs top 2.
5. Bryston BHA-1. Less impressive but an all rounder.
6. Musical Fidelity x-can v3 modified. Minor league
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