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#1 is UFO Strangers In The Night.

What can you say about this that has not been already written. I first started playing it in 1980. Everything about the album is fantastic. The leads still give me shivers. This was UFO at their peak. Killer guitar and tightness abound in this double live album.


#2 Led Zeppelin The Soundtrack For The Movie The Song Remains The Same

This is really tied for number #1 in my book.

These guys have gone into making very few live albums. This ends up being completely redone a couple of years ago. It comes as an epic sounding 4 disk 180 gram box set. It also comes as a new remastered CD. Whole Lot Of Love is fantastic as well as Dazed And Confused.

The whole album has a great vibe. I much rather play the album than watch the movie.




Many audiophiles run away from live albums as at times the quality is just not there. I think at times the energy can overcome the sound quality. It's the music were looking for. I play other live albums from different groups but year in and year out these two dominate.



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I love Korn's MTV Unplugged album. It got me back into rock. Also nice recommendation on Nirvana's unplugged, enjoying it as I type.
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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

Many audiophiles run away from live albums as at times the quality is just not there. I think at times the energy can overcome the sound quality. It's the music were looking for. I play other live albums from different groups but year in and year out these two dominate.



I'm not sure that the people who run away from live albums are necessarily "audiophiles" (although I suppose that they may happen to be that as well). The traditional reason for not listening to live albums is that you don't hear the music as clearly as you do on the studio originals: because of crowd noise, because the music is not necessarily played as accurately and because you often have three or four musicians trying to emulate what was previously a complex multi-tracked album. Obviously these aren't problems with sound quality per se.


I've felt for a long time that live albums are generally of a better sound quality than studio albums because sound engineers and producers regularly make bad decisions in the studio that they can't on tour. On stage, the microphones will be set up for maximum coverage, because you have only one chance to catch the sound: in the studio you may have a lot of microphones on every instrument, but covering the instrument will usually be less important than getting a particular sound that one or two humans have decided to prioritize in the mix. Since your ears may not have the same priorities as the people who made the record, you may well end up preferring the sound of the instrument recorded-as-live to the album sound. For dynamic range, nothing seems to beat a good live (or "as-live") recording.

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I'm guessing the live stage is not always the best for recording the drums. But, we seem to have songs like Surrender by Cheap Trick which end up being classic for what ever reason.

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i must say  Iron Maiden - Live at Donington 1992.

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I'm going to give a vote to the 1974 live concert of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album. It's terrific.
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Great thread! Here's a few more from the "classic rock" era that are both decently recorded and have high quality performances:


1) Animals- Greatest Hits Live. This is a 1983 reunion in London. Eric Burdon was kind of a white James Brown. I grew up in an era when "House of the Rising Sun" was the first thing you learned to play on guitar.  It's here, as are all the other iconic hits like "We Gotta Get Outta this Place" and"Please Don't Let me be Misunderstood". The band really punched it that night. If you can sit still for this you're either paralyzed or dead.


2) Dire Straits- On the Night. Terrific first 15 or 20 minute medley where the band feeds off the crowd energy with killer versions of "Calling Elvis", "Walk of Life", and "Heavy Fuel".


3) Cream- Royal Albert Hall, London 2005. Clapton, Bruce, and Baker sound as good as they ever did in the '60's. Really wish they'd do it again.


4) Hot Tuna- Live at Sweetwater. Jorma Koukonen and Jack Cassidy were the serious musicianship side of the Jefferson Airplane. Great minimalist recording of an all acoustic set in a small intimate club setting.


6) Jimi Hendrix- Jimi Plays Berkeley. Good live Hendrix recordings are hard to find. This one was intended for a movie that was never produced, so some serious effort went into the recording. It's a gem. If you're at all into Hendrix, it's a "must".


7) Quicksilver Messenger Service- Happy Trails. Perhaps the ultimate Filmore West concert. The standard Capital version sucks. The German domestic version, usually available on Ebay, finally does justice to this great concert. Listen late at night after a few drinks (or whatever) and it's 1968 San Francisco again.


8) Loreena McKinnett- Live in Paris and Toronto. A little different era than the rest of the list, but fits right in. Her concerts are journeys through time, culture, and history. You get lost in the journey. Exceptionally well recorded for a live album

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Mtv Unplugged

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 Muse - H.A.A.R.P

 Nirvana - Unplugged in New York

 I love lots of concert hall classical live albums.



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Karate - 595


I actually think this is better than their studio work.

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While technically not an album my favorite is Dave Matthews and Friends- Live at Bonnaroo (2004).  This is the best show I've ever been to and I still listen to it regularly.  

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^ I never heard Live at Bonnaroo, but from what I did hear, this is my favorite:




Mindblowingly good version of 'Two Step'

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Sam Cooke  - Live At The Harlem Square Club         Sam Cooke, Mr. Soul.......intense and deeply moving


Little Feat - Waiting For Columbus                  for the original Little Feat, it doesn't get any better than this!   Their finest album


Miles Davis - Live At The Plugged Nickel             the interplay within the band is almost telepathic, the ultimate jazz quintet, this boxed set is out of print and now a collectors item

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Dream Theater - Score 20th Anniversary World Tour Live With the Octavarium Orchestra

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