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Sold my GS1000 to OutdoorXplorer. Smooth transaction. Great head-fier!
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i never knew anyone who left feedback for themselves but there's a first for everything?

this guy responds fast and is eager to do business. good buyer.
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I bought a pair of Grado GS-1000 from Felix. I was initially a bit apprehensive because of his lack of feedback on the forums but right from the start, he managed to put me at ease and was super communicative through out the entire deal. The headphones was shipped on Friday and I received them the following Monday; needless to say I'm very pleased about the entire deal and I would gladly buy/sell stuff to him again. A top head-fier.
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I bought a RSA XP7 headamp from Felix. It was shipped really fast. Very very good seller!
I wish we can do business again next time.
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Sold my on order Woo Audio WA6 to Felix. After some thorough communication we got all the kinks worked out. Great buyer! Thanks!
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A good seller - he not only agreed to a good price (for me, a buyer) for his raptor, for a mere extra, he's thrown in 16 tubes that outdoes that extra in cost many times.

He also agreed to keep the item for me until I return to Malaysia to pick it up in July '09, with only a small deposit. Not many would agree on that, certainly. Very prompt in replying - I had no problems in communication whatsoever. And understanding in light of my financial conditions.

A very good seller that's for sure.
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Mullard tubes

Received these NoS Mullard tubes ECC82 from Felix.Reach home immediately plug in these Mullard tubes,run in above 1/2hrs.Aiyoh yoh! more musical,bass tighter,vocal more uumph and details more.
Thanks a lot,Felix.
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Bought a ALO iPod Female Dock from Felix, very communicative and friendly, will make deals again. Highly recommended.
Just one week Malaysia to Spain ¡¡¡¡¡¡, Thanks a lot Felix.
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Bought a SAA Equinox cable for AKG K702 from Felix. Very responsive and correct seller. Good bargaining and quick dispatch. Thanks!
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sold some tubes to outdoorxplorer. great to deal with. highly recommended
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Sold a digital cable to OutdoorXplorer. Fast communication and quick payment. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the cable.
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Bought a rs-1 frrom him, no hassle and friendly

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