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P.Eng in Ontario with a US college degree?

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Does anyone have any experience with becoming a P.Eng in Ontario while holding a US college degree? My understanding is that if you went to CEAB recognized university in Canada then your academic credentials will fulfill the requirement set by PEO.

What if you went a ABET recognized college? I read on the PEO's website about this agreement PEO signed with US. ABET & CEAB are supposed to be mutually recognized by each party. Does that mean a ABET program in the US is just as good as a CEAB program in Ontario?

I got this impression after reading the first paragraph of this page.
Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board

I don't want to take any technical exams. That would be painful.

PEO = Professional Engineers of Ontario
CEAB = Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board
ABET = Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology
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A mutual recognition agreement (MRA) exists between US ABET and Engineers Canada. However, every provincial engineering association in Canada has its own interpretations of the MRA known as the Washington Accord. PEO usually assigns Technical Exams to all degrees regardless of whether it is an ABET or any other degree. PEO is more interested in making money out of it than being a regulatory body. It's managers, many of whom are engineering graduates from countries (other than US or others covered under MRA) are people who had to go through a *grind* to become P.Eng. certified. They appear to have developed an inherent acidic bitterness and discriminatory and biased approach towards US ABET graduates. Not successful in venting out their frustrations towards CEAB graduates, they are quite successful in harassing and intimidating ABET graduates. (Reverse discrimination!)


If you have not already applied to PEO, my advice to you would be to research all other provincial associations (especially Engineers Nova Scotia and APEGS) as they are more open towards accepting ABET graduates and their fees are much less. Once you get a P.Eng. in any province, you would be eligible to obtain a P.Eng. anywhere in Canada, except Quebec.


I hope this helps. PEO is an organization of scoundrels and crooks. If you have already not applied to PEO, please do not.

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Wow that was a couple years old... but I'll second the recommendation to look into Nova Scotia first which is one of the more lenient ones. Stay far away from Manitoba/APEGM.... it's archaic and their policies are ridiculous angry_face.gif

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