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Audio-Technica AT-HA25D Headphone Amp

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AudioCubes.com - Audio-Technica AT-HA25D Headphone Amp - AT-HA25D -

anyone listened to this?
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Yep, tested this in Hong Kong.

Its a very clean sounding amp: Strong emphasis on treble, with a tight but not particularly sparkling bass. Listening to some tracks from a Cambridge Audio source (Can't remember the model), it was quiet nice for the classical/opera tracks, but sounded a bit rubbish for jazz and hip-hop sorts of music where I really missed the bass.
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the ha 25d can power my denon 7000 pretty food, but they can take alot more power,,,
i have directly compared it to the rsa predator and it really beats the predator in my opinion, the predator couldnt amp the low end of my denon 7000 but the ha 25 d could, it could use more bass, inititially it felt bass light but after a long burn i am quite happy with the sound, i could use more power, but if your amping phones that require less power then the power hungry denon 7000 u will have enough
--The one thing that pisses me off about this amp is i cant get xbox 360 to sound through its optical toslink input????anyone know why?????? also dvd i ripped onto laptop donot sound throught optical toslink either??????
besides that everything sound sgreat over optical toslink, no problem with passhru signal to other digital recievers for surround sound.

note - i still havent tried the optical out of the xbox directly into the toslink of the ha25d, i was just using the pitcal out from my lg hdtv.. and into the tv via hdmi,, i since have ordered an xbox audio adapter so i can run optical and hdmi out at same time, we shall see

besides that i like it
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