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Has anyone tried the new AKG 77 or 99?

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Just curious if these are worth trying or not. Looking to see if they have a large sound stage or are just beaters.
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Dammit. Am I going to have to buy a pair to find out?

I know these are not vintage enough for Fitz but thought maybe somebody has heard them.
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I think they're the replacements for the K44 and whatever the other cheap studio headphone was.
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Well, then they are m'eh. Just wanted to know if they were ok for cheap movie/gaming cans.
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bump for the hell of it.
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If I would have seen the AKG 77 before I purchased my SB40 and the Zalman Mic, I may have ordered them to try them out. They look a lot better and more comfortable than the SB40, but who knows about the sound quality.
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yeah. since I or apparently nobody has ever heard them....
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Nobody around here really bothers with the low-end AKGs, as they're not AKG's forte.
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I know I'm bumping an older thread, but I have a pair of K77s. They have balanced overall frequency response to my ears, although the highs are a little disappointing. Bass is better (not thumping or cheesy) than the K110's I compared them too. They also isolate very well (with no leakage) and are reasonably comfortable. I am looking to replace them for two reasons:


  1. They are REALLY light plastic. This might be a plus for some, but they don't feel particularly durable to me.
  2. The sound, while fairly flat, is "muddy." It's hard to differentiate different instruments, and the soundstage is small.


All that said, I have enjoyed them in my dorm because of the comfort and isolation. They are not too bad for $50.

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Stop bumping threads! Just kidding.

I'm actually glad you did and I saw these at Guitar Center and wanted to know more about them.

My location seems to have two cheap (small) pairs of AKG headphones.


They do look a bit silly though.

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Eh. A library around here uses K55. Won't even fit my head and the pads are too stiff.

OTOH try K319.

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for $40, i wonder if these are worth picking up...

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I bought a pair of K77s to bide me over until I bought a pair of decent closed cans for my portable set-up. They are ok cans, quite neutral sounding, not exactly hi-fi, flat and a little muddy would be how I would describe them; I guess they would do for gaming/movies. Fairly comfortable, and isolate well without clamping too hard. They are ugly as sin though and you look very silly with them on, and the lower band moves while you walk and makes a horrible noise, so you definately don't wanna wear them out and about :).

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