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Question about Koss PortaPros - buzzing?

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I purchased a pair of Koss PortaPros a month or so ago, and for the most part I've been really happy with them.

However, I've noticed that every once in a while for songs with heavy, sustained bass, I get a little buzzing in (I think) just the right earphone.

I use them with a Nomad Zen mp3 player, and it's not something in the mp3s because I don't get any buzzing when I play the same tracks on my computer. I'm not playing them at a really high volume, and I don't use any extra bass boosting.

Is this just a limitation of the PortaPros, or did I get unlucky and get a bad pair? Or is this something that will go away after breaking them in more?

Thanks a lot,
Sha Sha
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This is usually caused by hair and dirt and such that gets under the pads and in the drivers. Take the pads off your Portapros, take any hairs under the pads and on the driver off, then gently blow in the drivers to get rid of anything else. Put everything back together and this should fix the problem.

BTW, I usually do this every couple weeks to a month as a routine maintenance (sp) thing.
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11 year necropost!



I'm doing the same cleaning routine as Rizumu said, but I've noticed that even after thorough cleaning it's still buzzing... what if the other side of the driver is the culprit?

-I had my Portas on RMA recently and they've changed drivers - maybe one was broken since then?

-some dirt have gotten through holes to the back of the driver? I've checked and there are some pieces of dirt, but so are on the other driver and none look significantly.


Any ideas what to do? Any ideas how to try to clean the back of the driver? Or should I dispute quality of RMA and return them again?


Thank you!

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