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I bought a Grado SR-80 frame from pdupiano,
He posted it out promptly and was a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks .
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I sold Paul a pair of Sennheiser HD650s. He was terrific to deal with, paid right away, and was very patient and understanding when a shipping delay occured when I had to unexpectedly run out of town for a few days.

Great head-fier!

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I bought a pair of HD650s from Pual, he responded to all my questions thoroughly and accurately and shipped quickly. I would gladly do business with him again!
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Paul bought a bunch of gear from me and he was an absolutely A+ stand-up guy to deal with - cant' recommend him highly enough

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I bought some Grado bowls off of Paul, and he was a wonderful seller to deal with. Quick and constant communication, with speedy and careful shipping/packaging. No complaints whatsoever, and I would definitely buy from him again!

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I got a great deal on an iPod from Paul, came fast and as advertised. Well done!
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I sold Paul an '06 Microdac and cables.Truly one of the nicest individuals I've met online.He knew how much I despised Paypal and had no problem going out of his way to send a money order for payment.He did this immediately not knowing me from Adam.I cannot recommend Paul highly enough.He is truly an asset to the Headfi community !
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I sold my Head-Direct 01 Earphone amp to Paul.I don't accept paypal and he was quick in sending out a money order.A pleasure to deal with and would'nt hestitate to deal with him again.Truely a great Head-fier.
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Bought a dac and digital cable in a flawless transaction

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A+ Seller

Paul did everything right. Our transaction was perfect. Couldnt ask for better!
Thank you, Paul
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Bought a pair of hd650's from Paul. Very thorough and great communication. Got the payment taken care of that day, and he shipped them out the next morning.

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Great head.fier

Sold Paul some ety er4p. Great and quick communication, quick payment. A very pleasant guy to deal with. Would do business again anytime. Thanks Paul.
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Paul was great to do business with, very steady communication and prompt payment, I would have no problem doing business with him again.
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I traded my Westone 3 for a Shure SE530. The transaction went smoothly and shipping was prompt. Communication was stellar.
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I bought 2x KSC-75 clips from Paul. He was willing to ship them international and posted them out fast. Highly recommended!
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