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*singing, off key*

Hoooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeee, hoooooooomeeeeeeee on the raaaaaaaaaannnnnnngeeeeeee!!!!!!

(someone reply!)
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Gluegun, Dealznet appears to have the best overall shipped price. However, you will have to ask whether the unit is silver or blue - some vendors may sell you the "crappy" blue unit instead of the "good" silver one that you want.
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ACK! I went to Dealznet's website, and they said the shipping would be "UPS Ground $24.19 "


and the cheapest one at shopping.yahoo.com , hypaudio, hasn't replied.... I sent an email to another email of theres..... Grrrr.....
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Oh, and they differentiate between the Crappy SL-CT470A, and the SL-CT470!

Thank god!
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So is the 470 silver THAT MUCH BETTER? After owning the bastard blue model for a few months i cant stand looking at it. What really pissed me off now is that DEALZNET charges ridiculous rates for shipping, these guys are obviously a rip off! keep looking Gluegun, best of luck, and let us know if you find a site that has good around prices, thanks.

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*singing WAY off-key*

Hoooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeee, hoooooooomeeeeeeee on the raaaaaaaaaannnnnnngeeeeeee, wheeeeeeeeeeereeeee the aaaaaaaaaanteeeeeeelooooooooopeeeeeeeee plaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!

The only problem that I have with my CT470 silver is the recharge time of its bundled NiMH AAA batteries: The manual says that recharging them takes about three hours, but in my experience it takes half that long - 1.5 hours! But the run time between recharges (with the anti-shock turned off) exceeds the 6-hour claim in that ESP mode - in my tests (so far) the batteries last just shy of 8 hours (and that is with the volume control set at 8/10 and with the EQ cancelled). (I haven't tested the battery life with the anti-shock turned on as of yet.)
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I just use 2 triple A Duracell ultra's, and two double A duracell ultras....works fine.

Newwwwwww email!!!

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for inquiring with HypeAudio.com,
We will look into this inquiry. However, we wish to inform you that all of our products listed our our website, state the time frame for availability. In this case 1-3 business days. In the event that it is not available, we will notify you within 24 hours from the time the order was placed.
Customer Service Team
(888) 447 - 0011
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Awww, crapz0r...

Gyah. In this case you will have to call them for pricing - they won't list the real price unless you call.
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Well, ACTUALLY, this is the message I sent that last, cheapest place (hypaudio), to GET that reply. Take this into account, okay? Also, what about LetsGoDigital? They didnt quote a price... Anyways, Eagle, I dont quite understand what you, or they are saying, but maybe this will help:

(I sent this message to orders@hypaudio.com, and did not get a reply. I would like to hear a response, as you all have the cheapest price I've found; the last place that has a comparable price to you has a high shipping cost.)

Good day! I am interested in ordering the recently-discontinued Panasonic SL-CT470 CD player (the Silver version) from your online webstore. However, I would like to know about the availability of this item. Will I be able to order it from your store, and know for sure that it will reach me? I would be shipping it with the cheapest shipping method to Lexington, Kentucky. Also, now that it is recently discontinued, do you have any clearence sales going on that might help me get it cheaper? How much would it come to, after shipping? I am not interested in any of the newer models from this company, as I consider them to be inferior to this one. Is there any way to insure that, after I place an order, I will recieve the product? Thank you.


Jonathan K.
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I just did a search and Zero Shipping.net came up at 56 and change with free shipping of course. Is this player really worth the risk?
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Gluegun -- as I mentioned before -- I have compared the 470 and 570 side by side. I returned the 470, because it sounded the same and the 570 has the 10 second anti-skip mode, plus a more rugged aluminum cover. I REALLY think you should just order a 570 from onecall.com for $88.

As to the whole blue vs. silver 470 question -- I have a hard time believing they're different internally. It's not cost-effective to come out with two different models of the same player in different colors, and have them differ inside as well. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'd be VERY surprised if someone could prove it was true.

Russ "The Peripatetic Audiophile"
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Then why are the two so different in pricing on dealznet? The blue model is over $100, what gives?

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Originally posted by gloco
Then why are the two so different in pricing on dealznet? The blue model is over $100, what gives?
I don't know; as I said, I think it's highly unlikely. But I can't prove it one way or the other.

Russ "The Peripatetic Audiophile"
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