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Eagle Driver, I never even turn the ESP on on mine when I'm walking or anything. The lid is a bit loose on it, and if you hold it in a certain way that makes the lid get bent or bang against the cd player it might skip but if your used to it it never does. The lid being loose doesn't bother me much because it holds up fine to dropping on the floor and never breaks off.
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Sorry to say this, Deuce, but I'm quite lead-footed in my walking - and I often have to run across streets and highways just to get to work. Thus, the PCDPs always skip like crazy with ESP off in my experience.
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Eagledriver, try holding it without touching the lid (like only hold it by the outside) I have done this and been able to run without the esp on as long as I cushion the shocks a bit with my arm. This cd player isn't affected by horizontal shakes like the Panasonic 470 is (w/o esp). Anyways, I think even though the d-e441 looks like the same player as mine it seems to have a more variable quality control history. I've heard of some people who have had problems with this player and some who haven't, but none seem to have had problems with the D-E446CK or D-E456CK.
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Sorry, but I've had the skipping problem even in the horizontal position. And I did try what you suggested - but for me it's impossible to do; I couldn't even hold it by the edges for even two seconds without dropping the entire unit to the ground (I often carry packages when I walk to work).
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Copied and pasted from another thread, because it's appropriate and because I didn't feel like typing it again:

Don't get the Panasonic 470. Get the 570. Trust me on this one.

With the 470, you either have the anti-shock on or off, and when it's on, the digital bitstream is compressed. So either you put up with inferior sound that doesn't skip, or you have nice-sounding music that skips.

With the 570, you can set it to 10 second anti-skip mode, which does not compress the digital bitstream. Good sound and good enough skip protection for non-aerobic activity.

With the 470, you get a plastic lid. With the 570, you get a more durable aluminum lid.

With the 470, you get a 9 mW headphone amp, and a line-out. With the 570, you get a 9 mW headphone amp, and a line-out.

I've owned both. I returned the 470 to the store I bought it in after a few days of playing with them both. And last I checked, onecall.com was selling the 570 for $88. Not bad.

Russ "The Peripatetic Audiophile"
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In my experience, 10 seconds of anti-skip isn't anywhere near enough for me - I often have to run across streets and highways just to get to work (those freakin' short green lights at intersections where I can't get even halfway across at normal walking pace before WHAMMO! moving cars start blocking my way! And I have precious little time before I have to be at work!).

If that's the case, should I to revert to old-fashioned analog audio (e.g. cassettes), or should I invest a lot of money on some other portable digital audio technology?
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One word: MINIDISC. I have it, if you hold it in you hand or strap it down to something (so it wont jump around) it wont skip. The only time it ever skips on me is if i place it in my pants pockets which are very baggy, however if my pants pockets are stuffed and hold the MD in place (so it wont jump around) it doesnt skip at all. Bonus: they sound great (especially the 8 step bass/treble models).

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I used to own a minidisc recorder, but took it back because the recordings that I had made turned out to be crappy. It was a Sony MZ-R70PC, but I never used its PC Link at all; I had to set recording levels very high just to get much loudness from its headphone jack (I tried "normal" recording level settings, only to find that the output is too quiet with my Sony E888 earbuds even at maximum volume). And I didn't have a digital output source at the time; I had to rely on the analog output jacks of my home and portable equipment.

BTW, gloco, which portable MD recorder or player do you currently use?
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I have the Sony MDS-J320 for home use (its a rack) and a MZ-E75 player. I never have recording volume problems since the 320 has a knob just like a cassette recorder for a stereo. All my recordings are near 0 (just short of bleeding). Hmm, maybe you should invest in a standalone recorder/portable player like i did. By the way, i have mine hooked up via the analog jacks and the everything sound perfect. One last thing, the 320 is a piece of garbage, THE single most defective item that still works...the loading mechanism constantly stalls (makes some funky sounds) and then spits out my MD...piece of garbage..i need a new one bad...it started doing this after 6 months of use.

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Unfortunately, that would be impractical for me, since play-only portable MD units now cost almost as much as (and sometimes more than) some of the less-expensive record/play portable MD units. And the stores that I visit now no longer carry any home MD recorders.
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Here are the replies from the various places:

Dear Valued Customer,
If you were to place the order for this unit the final price including shipping to Kentucky is $81.17. The unit is available and should be shipping within 1-3 business days after you place the order. If the unit became unavailable you would be informed within 24 hours of when you place the order.
Thank you for inquiring with PricesRite.

Customer Service Team
(888) 766-4442


We are sorry to inform you that the item PANASONIC
SLCT470 is not available. Thank you for you interest
to our items.

Please visit our site @ zeroshipping.net

Have a nice day.


Dear Valued Customer;
We do have that unit available for $56.97. Shipping will be $16.96.Your total will be $73.93. If you would like to place a order please do so at 888-447-0011. (Panasonic SL-CT470)

Dealznet Customer Care


Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for inquiring with LetsGoDigital.

As far as you rinquiry is concerned, we ask you to please call in for assistance , a representative will be glad to assit you as best as he/she possibly can.

Customer Service Team
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HUH? The stores you visit dont carry MD home models? Seesh, that stinks. I know JandR and Minidisco.com carry them. The MD unit i'm using now (red) cost me $99, it was discounted as a discountinued item! And just 4 months earlier i bought the blue one for $250...sucks!


ps. ya, i dont understand why players cost so much
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Thought I should mention, be careful out there. You don't want something bad to happen like get hit by a car and drop your cd player on the ground with all ,your cd's and get them all scratched up, man! that would suck. :-) j/k

editops dont know how this got in this part of the thread.
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So.....now that I posted the replies from 4 of the 5 cheapest places to order the 470 (as shown at shopping.yahoo.com), now what? Where do I order it?

isn't $17 a lot for shipping?
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*bumps this*

SOMEONE reply to me about those emails! Where should I buy it? is there any place else?
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