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HD280 Pro or KSC75?

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I know...weird comparison, right? I'm introducing a friend to audiophilia, and the choice seems to be a pair of basely used Senn HD280 Pros for US$36+ or new Koss KSC75s for US$21+. I know the 280s are closed head-bands and the 75s are open clip-ons, so the comparison is really weird. But still, which do you think she should get? She currently has and likes her CX300s. Are the 75s a significant step up? More so than the 280s? At those prices?

Edit: She listens to metal mostly.
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I vote for the KSC-75's. A little biased. Sent a pair to Alex to APS to recable and Really like them.
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If she listens to metal, both of those 2 bass-weak phones is going to be a step down from the CX300. The prices for the HD280 is very good, but she's better off with a K81/K518.
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The K81s are beyond budget...but she's been listening to some of my headphones and wants in. Slowly. So, it's pretty much a race between the 75s and 280s. Point taken on the 81s, though.
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Unfortunately, I've never heard the 280s, so I can't really compare. However, I will say I use the KSC-75s (with a headband) just about every day commuting to work and the more I use them with my Zune the more disappointed I am with their sound in comparison to my SR-60s.
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Right...but these are $20 and the SR-60s are...$60? In NZ, they're US$120. Heh.
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I've recommended the KSC-75 to many of my friends and several of the girls I know, including my sister and her best friend, and not one of them has been let down by them yet.
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Wouldn't you think the choice comes down to something portable vs closed full size circumaural headphones?

For the price, the HD280 seems like a big bargain to me unless they are in poor condition. I like the KSC-75 as an all round budget solution.
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Much as I love the 75's and would recommend them in just about every other situation, I think for $36, your friend would get a totally different audiophile listening experience with a good closed headphone for a bargain price. I think the 75's are a step up from the CX300's, but the 280's are a bit more immersive. You put those things on knowing your main activity is listening.
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But the thing is, HD280 is a terrible metal can, so there's no reason why she should get it. KSC75 isn't that good of a metal can to, but at least after recabling it has a decent amount of bass.
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HD280 is very revealing. it'll amplify any shortcomings in the source.
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Originally Posted by jonathanjong View Post
Right...but these are $20 and the SR-60s are...$60? In NZ, they're US$120. Heh.
But many people on here have asserted that these are Grado killers, at least SR-60 killers. If you can hold them tight against your ears, the 75s sound pretty good. But using them either stock or with the headband "mod", they are pretty thin sounding.
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I LOVE the 280 pros. Haven't heard the KCS75 - would like to
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i hate the hd280s. one of the few headphones that immediately was sent back to the store after the first listen. perhaps i did not give it a chance, but i think they're awful.

i do like the ksc-75 and would recommend those.

but i think there are two things to consider in this choice. one, the equipment being used. the hd280 requires an amp. it's already thin-sounding to begin with, so an amp will help a little with this. second, i don't think the hd280 are metal headphones by an means. accurate, yes, but not fun and lively. the ksc75 sounds like the proper headphone in this case. my 2cents.
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