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I love my 12-60 to bits! Solid wide angle, good telephoto and fast to boot. Yeah, its quite a bit heavier (not to mention pricier) than the 14-54 or the kit lens but I think its all worth it.

I did consider the 14-54 but felt that other than being faster, it really didn't give me much more and I really wanted a wider angle on my walk about lens which the 12-60 delivers in spades.
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Although all I have is e410, and the two stock lenses (14-42 and 40-150mm), the 14-42mm lens always nicely surprises me when it comes to stock lens macro photography.

IMO, Olympus should give larger updates to their line. ie) Nothing much changed between the e410 and e420. Whereas Canon added a better sensor and live-view for its xsi coming from xti.
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Olympus already had live view in the 510. In the 520 they added a larger LCD, contrast detection auto focus, automatic gradation, and an improved sensor with better dynamic range.
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Here's an available light shot of a Burmese Python, taken at the American Museum of Natural History.

Flickr Photo Download: Python Head
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Here's another one I like, the green mamba

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New Olympus E-30

This looks like a sweet camera. Most of the features of the E-3 (and then some) in a slightly less robust (and smaller) body. I'm sure the price will come down. Specs and features aside it remains to be seen how this camera will perform in-hand, but I'll be anxiously awaiting reviews.

Olympus E-30 Digital SLR Announcement
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Originally Posted by erikzen View Post
I'm sure the price will come down.
Any idea what the price will be initially?
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I think MSRP is $1300 with the improved kit lens.

14-54mm f/2.8-3.5, splash proof, dust proof, focus as close as 3 inches.
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Resurrecting this "old" thread because I wanted to share my latest aquisition:

My main reason was because I wanted DSLR image quality (including RAW) in the most portable package I could find. I simply am not using my K/M 7D because it's too large to carry all the time, despite the great pics it produces. At the same time, I'm extremely dissappointed with my Canon P&S that is always in my backpack, particularly in low light.

I looked hard & long at the Sigma DP-1. The Foveon sensor has some great qualities. When the price dropped a few weeks ago to more reasonable levels, I failed to pull the trigger quickly enough, and the price has gone back up with no change. Unfortunately the DP-2 seems to be practically vaporware, and if it ever shows up will probably command niche prices.

In my searches, I came across the Olympus pancake lenses. The combo with the E-420 reminded me of the little Pentax ME 35mm from back-in-the-day. Something I can definitely carry with me nearly all the time. Single focal-length, simple, straightforward. Amazon has some great prices at the moment, so the order was placed.

Just unpacked everything, and the battery is charging. Love the form factor. Despite the small body, it fits well in my hand, with controls naturally placed - a welcome surprise. The plan is to put it thru its paces, including the Head-Fi meet in Queens this weekend. Will report back later.
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e-410 & kit lens I like the camera quite a bit.
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Congratulations Jimmy on your new purchase. I hope you like it as much as I like mine. I have been eyeing that 25mm pancake lens since I first got my camera but never pulled the trigger on it. Once I get that lens I think I'll be set. My favorite lens right now is the 50mm macro. I seem to have the least amount of "clunkers" with that lens. I'll bring it on Saturday and you can try it out. We can trade lenses for a little while if you're up for it.

The 50mm is very versatile and good for just about everything except group shots in tight spaces.

As a macro:

As a portait lens:

In low light (f/2.0, 1/80, ISO 400):

and even for some interesting landscape shots:

If the optics are as good on the 25mm I think you'll be quite pleased and you will have a very versatile camera.
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Great shots!
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Thanks, erikzen I'm waiting for to pull the trigger on the pancake but that 50 looks pretty nice.
I'd love to see some pics from the pancake, here is one from the kit.
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Nice pics you folks!

I am also the happy owner of a E-510. And I love that camera. My only problem is that the amount of gadgets I hava to carry with me everywhere... MacBook Pro, Head-fi gear, camera and stuff gets bigger and bigger.... the only thing which gets easier and easier to carry around is my wallet...
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Always happy to welcome another proud Olympus owner. The E-510 was my first camera until I dropped it off my tripod. I ended up getting an E-520 and a new tripod!

I hope jpelg posts some photos from his new E-420 with 25mm pancake lens. I saw that on Saturday. Man, that lens is small! I want one.
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