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Had a Gerber MP400 since I was 11, which I've just realised is half my life blink.gif


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Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier in black please.


got it for free from my cousin who in turn had a friend who worked in a supply, and they were always issued these particular tools.



I had a Leatherman Wingman which i really liked, but because i got the Gerber tool for free. i had to return my LM wingman for money. ~_~


but i actually like it, it does the job, feels like it can take alot of punishment, beefy, and to hear its normally issued to the US military makes using it feel special.



but if i were to buy it.. i would look elsewhere.. but since i got it as a gift im not complaining.


It has its pros and cons though. but i do like its reliable one handed flick opening of the pliers.


Leatherman Wingman vs Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier. (i refunded the Leatherman.)


IF i were to upgrade in a multitool, id definitely upgrade to a Leatherman Wave or a Leatherman Surge.

y not a Leatherman Supertool!?

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I only have my current-carry ones around. A Gerber multitool, a small SAK for my keychain, and while not quite multitools, a Buck folder and a Khukuri-style letteropener. Wish I could get an assisted-opening multitool, illegal where I live...anybody got one?



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Originally Posted by Radagast View Post

Charge TTi...

Leatherman make great multi-tools, and it shows: pretty much every soldier here has one.



I have this exact model, now going on 7 or 8 years.  And it functions as well as it did new.  Just give it a shot of lithium every year or so.  I do need to order replacement bits for it, as I lost a few over the years...

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Love the Leatherman Squirt, very handy to have. I also have a Gerber Crucial. Pliers are very reliable...

...and I like the notch on the main blade to aid opening...


may well get the Cybertool 41 as well, looks very handy.

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Originally Posted by Mr. B View Post

I have a Victorinox Cybertool 41. I'm frequently taking things apart, especially computers, laptops and other gadgets and this fits the bill quite well. I use it about three times a week.

Finally went for the Cybertool Lite, really like the bit prover and the light is handy




details at


nice tool, but took me ages to find the stainless steel pin...

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