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Creek OBH11 SE or X-CANS V2

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What I need is something versatile. It does not have to spectacular. Versatility is the key. I'll be using it mainly with my HD600 but I plan on getting some Grado (love the way they look, go figure).
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Versatility is key? The Creek is the amp for you... no doubt about it.
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I'll second that. Esp with Grados.
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Can't go wrong with Creek OBH-11SE, works well with almost any headphone, completely hassle free and takes up almost no space.
Oh yeah did I mention it sounds great, can get one new for $299 or less.
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Haven't heard the X-Can, but I can tell you the Creek OBH-11 sounds great with Grado's (SR-60 and SR-125). It also performs well with Senn HD-565.
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Got to agree with the rest. For versatility, the Creek OBH-11se is the way to go.

Five posts in a row in complete agreement about an amp question? I wonder what the record is...
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Thanks all for your recomendations. Looks like I'll be looking for a Creek :-)

Anyone upgrading from a Creek? LOL
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Just read a post that brought in the Headroom Little. How would the Little do against the Creek?
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I think I was one of the ones who posted in that "other" thread I don't think you'll get too many Little vs. Creek responses, because few people have actually owned both -- they're in a similar class, so if someone is going to "upgrade" they probably won't go from one to the other. I've owned the Little, but never heard the Creek.

The Creek has lots of fans, and is allegedly a great amp for the price (especially the SE version). That said, what I brought up in another thread is the upgradability of the Little. You can buy the Little by itself for less than the Creek and get very good performance. Later you can upgrade the power supply, the electronics module, etc.... little by little (no pun intended). Eventually you'll have an amp that is FAR better than the Creek.

It's this upgradability that I like about the Little.

Has anyone heard the Little and Creek side-by-side?
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mainly with my HD600

What about that? And everyone here knows that the X-canv2 works best with the HD600. So, you are telling me he should get the Creek so that his system will mainly sound unfullfilled? I know you want to listen to Grado too but if you listen to HD600 mainly then I have to say X-Canv2. Against most people's opinion here. But the fact that Grado don't need a amp to sound their best is another good point to get the X-Canv2.

You either have the X-canv2 which you give you a great sound with your HD600 most of your time since you mainly use them and don't have an amp with the grado. (or you can try it with the X-canv2 if you so desire)


You have the Creek which drives the HD600 and it won't sound as good as the X-canv2 IMO and also the grado. But since the Grado don't really need amps, you might not need it. Why don't you bring both to a dealer and listen and see.
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Just finally made up my mind to look for a Creek and the X-CANs make a come back. The Little does sound interesting with it's ability to upgrade and the price is unbeatable. Too bad there's not much feedback about it.

I guess I'm just gonna base my decision on price and availability. I'd prefer to save and few bucks and find a good used unit. The first one available will be the winner :-) Gotta start somewhere.
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Well, just made a bid on an X-CANS V2. Hopefully I'll win and can start saving up for something else... vicious cycle (sigh).
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X-cans are AB_SO_LUTE_LY horrible with Grados. You thought Grados were bright before? They'll shave your hair cells for you if you combine it with the X-cans. Highly NOT recommended. On the other hand, I think the X-cans totally rock with Sennheisers. Even more so than with the MG Head.

On the other hand, the Creek may not handle Senheisers optimally (sounds underpowered), but at least it has the best balance between Grados and Sennheisers. Whereas I think the X-cans is suited only for Sennheisers.

Then again, I think Headroom amps handle both headphones the best, if you're talking about having to share the amp with the two brands of headphones.
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I have the xcanv2 and my main headphone is Hd600. ( I have Ra-1 for one Grado I have)

Since you said your *main headphone* is hd600....

I Absolutely recommend MF xcanv2 over Creek OBH. Xcanv2 and hd600 *gels* together so well~!

if you check out the old archive threads in headwize forum on xcanv2, you will see the Xcanv2 beat out the Creek and other amps at same price range as the *best amp* for HD600.

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Re: Creek OBH11 SE or X-CANS V2

Originally posted by darkclouds
What I need is something versatile. It does not have to spectacular. Versatility is the key.
No question if YOUR MAIN CONCERN IS VERSATILITY then you want the Creek or the Little. The Xcan's may be many things but I have never heard them described as versatile.
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