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Need Something More Portable

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Whats up all ive been lurking around here for a few months now. I previously owned 2 pairs of Sony MDR V150 HF's but they both died on me after only a few months. So I did some research and decided to buy some MDR-V6's about 4 months ago hoping they would last longer. I haven't had a single problem with the V6 at all, in fact I really love the sound of them. Actually, I guess the only problem is that they make my ears sweat. I need something portable because I take them on the bus and train between school and work, and I'm starting to think these guys are just too big. They are just not comfy to wear around my neck when not in use. I've never been a fan of earbuds because they always hurt my ears. So Im wondering what other phones I should look into for great sound and portability. I listen to punk, hip hop, alternative stuff, lots of reggae, some classic rock and classical music. I don't need anything with a lot of bass, although I do enjoy the bass on the V6's. My price range varies, just as long as they are going to sound great and last a long time I'm willing to drop a little extra cash. I am leaning towards Grado's just to try them out, but I'm scared of the noise pollution problem. Any other suggestions?
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Here are the usual suspects:
Open: iGrado, Senn. PX100
Closed: Senn. PX200, AKG K414 (OK, this isn't a "usual suspect", but I like them for outdoors use. Most of the criticism of these are from an indoors, quiet place perspective.)
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Whoa I just noticed this went to the wrong forum, I guess it should have been in portable? I'd like a closed headphone though if possible, something that fits over the ear but is not SO large.
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Erm...over the ear as in the ear goes into the cups? I'd go for supra-aural cans, which go on the ears. Most obvious closed options are PX200 or AKG K414. I think both sound pretty good for portable closed cans, but they're noticeably worse than the PX100s. Of the two, I picked the K414s (well, they were 26P when I got them) over the PX100s because they were sturdier and I like the headband. It fits all head sizes really well, which is good for moving around a lot. But it tends to pull on hair upon removal. Ouch. Oh well. Can't have it all.

Anyway...PX100 and K414P. I'm sure others will come along with more advice. IMO, these are the best compromise among (a) SQ, (b) portability, (c) price. There are better sounding ones, but will cost more and are less portable, especially if you want closed/sealed cans.
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If these aren't too large:

Audio-Technica FC700
Audio-Technica ES7
Audio-Technica whatever else. There's lots.

You might even want to look at the AKG K81DJ. All of these are relatively small and circumaural.
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Yea ES7s are good. K81DJs get mixed reviews. Time to use the search function.
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