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SuperFreq let down

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I've been out of the audio loop for a while but after I "lost" my Shure e4cs I was in the market for a replacement. I say "lost" because I sent them in for repair but Shure never got 'em and I threw away the UPS receipt.. ugh, lesson learnt.

After coming back to head-fi and reading some of the posts in this forum I decided on the Freq's SuperFreq. This is my first customs IEM. I started my journey to poorness with the SR225, then the HD600. I've also owned the Shure e3c and e4c. At home I listen to Yamaha HS50M (studio monitors) through a Gilmore Lite with an Airport Express as the source–I can't say enough good things about that setup but that's a different post.

The SuperFreqs doesn't produce the sound I'd expect from a $250 pair of headphones. I'm starting to think I received a defect pair. The highs are non-existent (bass and mid heavy). I didn't expect the sparkle that the Shure's had (from what I remember) but the SuperFreq are very dark, even compared to my Senn's. Also, I don't find myself hearing any subtleties in the music; the details seem lost in the bass/mids.

I'm also not excited about the build quality, I ordered clear on clear and there is a visible finger print *inside* of the right monitor and a conspicuous seam between the outside and inside portions. The 1/8" plug looks like it is one mistake away from being ripped off (the Shure plug looked like it could survive a nuke, btw)

I've only had the SuperFreq for about a week and I'm seriously considering returning them. I'm going to give them a couple more days but I don't think any amount of burnin will fix the shortcomings.
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How disappointing. In such a competitive market with so many high quality, great sounding IEMs available in that price range I would not hesitate to send them back. If shoddy workmanship with a visible internal fingerprint and dodgy plug isn’t enough I doubt you would see overly much if any improvement in the SQ with further perseverance.
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Yikes, good thing I'm getting Livewires.
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