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Is it worth it? And an idea

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I wonder, is it worth it to get custom eartips? I like the idea of custom eartips, but I know there are issues with them sometimes. I also know I can get custom eartips for my SA6's. I just don't know if it is worth it or not. How much do they cost for the SA6's?

Now for my idea. I have been reading around here quite a bit and I seem to find that many people don't like the hard plasticy material used to make custom tips with and they prefer foam. So, why don't they take an impession, make the mold a little bit smaller than the impression and cover it in foam? I'm sure they could do it, it may be difficult and more expensive, but comfort would surely improve. Just an idea I thought of.
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Custom eartips are often expensive (in NZ they're a little over NZ$200), and have to be done once every few years because our ear canals change in size and shape as we age, even in adulthood. Also, not everyone finds them comfy, though your idea is, prima facie, a good one. It might even solve the ear-size-change problem.
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I was hoping someone would like my idea I think custom tips are a little cheaper here in the US but I may be wrong. I think I may have to ask Jason how much they are for the SA6.
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... or you can made a soft mold instead of a hard mold.
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I am tired so maybe I am reading this wrong, but were saying that there are soft molds? Or were saying that would be better an idea to make than a hard mold with foam around it?
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A soft mold is made out of silicone instead of acrylic used in hard mold. Sensaphonics in U.S. and ACS in U.K. are both specialized in making soft molded IEM.

IIRC, Westone makes hybrid mold for their hearing aid as well, so I guess a special order of hybird eartips is also possible,
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