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LITTLE DOT MKVI has arrived

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Amp sounds awesome, great value for the cash The fan is just a little noisy in there, but this seems like it's going to be a killer product...I've got my phones plugged into the pre-amp out, will it be any different out of the front?
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nice man, I just order my mkvi should arrive sometime next week.
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Looks beastly. Little Dot seems to be very aggressive in their expansion.
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can you run SE on the inputs and go balanced on the outs?
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Hm I'm not sure...there are only balanced inputs...
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Oh also, for anyone interested...There is NO hum!
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looks nice. maybe some more pics - a bit larger too. : )
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Will do
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Great to see this thread!
I bought the LD6 together with juzmister, and got bit to say about the noise. I got the LD last night and as soon as I switch it on, there is a very loud and unpleasant noise, which was loud enough to distrupt me enjoying the music.
A little further examination tells me that it seems LD is using a REALLY crappy fan.

So as soon as I got the LD6, I decided to replace the fan, which is essentially 2 80mm 12VDC pc case fan. The only problem here is the fan supply voltage is 24V (not exactly, I got 21v) instead of 12V. Which means the 2 fans have to be modded in they way that they work in series. This config is a bad idea because fans even from the same manufacturer have different internal resistance. This will end up with an unbalanced voltage distribution. The result is one is faster than the other.

Anyway, I replaced the fan with ANTEC TriCool, and the result is very delightful.

Although I am complaining here, I think this is just a very slight design problem that has no way affect the overall build quality of the LD6, it sounds very sweet and refined. The bass is tight and strong with detailed mid/high. I have raised the issue to the designer Mr. Yang, but not sure when he will get back to me.

Just some photos here...
1. the crappy stock fan

2. replaced with my modded pair of Antect TriCool 80mm.

3. LEDs in action (wot?! LEDs hiding in black box )

4. The proper look

5. Would be nice to have a glass bench,
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wow. those fans are looking cool
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that last picture is really cool - like close encounters of the third kind. looks like an easy mod too. of course if the stock cooling fans are that loud as to disrupt listening, then they should be changed by LD - and not the consumer. the amp does look pretty nice though. any impressions about sound compared to what you were using previously
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Nice pics
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Why not wire in a variable fan speed controller ? Set it once, leave it alone. LD should look after this in it's second production run...I would imagine.

What a nice amp, Congrats fellows !!!!


PS I look forward to the SQ reviews
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Hmm I'm not great at describing sq...But, this amp has opened and warmed the sound of the 650s So involving ...
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juzmister what cable are you using for your HD650's ?


Doh never mind...the eqinox...rubs eyes
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