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2 IEM's in a row

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My Cx-300's, just like the EP-630's that preceded them, have fell to the same fate: one side just stopped working. No idea why; I just put them in my ear like usual, except this time, no sound could be heard. So now I'm wondering if I should just ditch IEM's altogether and go for headphones instead. My ears have an annoying tendency to be very waxy, something that Murino hasn't helped with. Could my earwax be in any way related to the death of my IEM's? And what would you, wise Head-Fiers, recommend as sub-80$ low-profile headphones which will a) last longer than 6 months, and b) are great for anything from Coldplay to Nine Inch Nails to trance?

Thanks for your help!
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I know this sounds kind of dumb, but have you tried cleaning the canalphones? Remove the tips, and clean the metal mesh thing. Or blow into it. That's worked for more than one person here.

As for buds, Head-Fiers generally point to Yuin.

As for low-profile on-ear cans, the popular choice is PX100 (open) or PX200 (closed, and not as good SQ). I personally prefer AKG K414 (or 27i), but most people think it's too bass heavy and has muddied mids/highs. I use them when I'm outdoors, though, and most people who've tried them find them good outside. They also seem to be more durable than the Senn PXs.

Everything I've mentioned is sub-$80.
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