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Originally Posted by dvessel View Post
BTW, the poll question forcing us to choose one independently of another is nonsense. I do both but new is more important than the known. I think they are inherently linked.

The known was at some point unknown. The new can't be appreciated without and underlying base of knowledge.
I think this poll is a "desert island" type thing. You can only choose one and HAVE to choose one.

I do both certainly. Discovering new music is great, and honestly I am not even at a point where it is realistic to only hear the old and familiar since my music collection isn't particularly large; only been listening and looking for new bands for just under 4 years now.
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RE: "desert island"

Right.. In other words, complete nonsense.
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Fresh new music for me. My radio dial never strays right of 91.9. It's allergic to Arbitron rated radio stations.
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Originally Posted by Sduibek View Post
Holy balls of fire Batman! That was a fast response... I hadn't even added the Poll yet

First response! You win... gratification. And a free trophy. It's on backorder, though. Sorry.
Ooh, thank you!

Yes, I voted familiar again now that I know the actual question. Fresh music can sound very good, (the kind of fresh music that turns into familiar) but familiar involves me in so many ways.
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Fresh for me. I love the discovery of something new.
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Originally Posted by dvessel View Post
RE: "desert island"

Right.. In other words, complete nonsense.

Yeah but it sparked some interesting opinions didn't it? Personally, as others have said, I do both. I listen to favorite albums over and over, hearing new things or hearing them from different angles depending on mood, etc. It's pretty cool finding an album/track/band that you like so much, you could listen to it 24/7 without tiring or getting bored.

That being said, after thinking this over myself and reviewing the comments/responses above, I think my choice would be for new/fresh music. I just listened to System Of A Down after not hearing them for years ,and it was amazing! I forgot how much I liked that band and how fun their sound is

Besides, local radio stations play music I would have never heard before (rap from Brazil, jazz from Russia; all sorts of craziness) and most of it is quite awesome. I would be completely content to listen to new bands a couple times, then once I am somewhat "familiar" with the music, to find another band/song/album to listen to. There's probably 10's of thousands of groups out there to be listened to. Some of them suck but there are lots of good ones as well I think of listening to a brand new band, or a song that you have once listened to but forgot how it goes, is like being a small child opening a wrapped present on Christmas (or birthday for those who don't celebrate Christmas). Or, more to the point, an eagerly-awaited toy such as a new amp or wristwatch It's that thrill that is what makes new music valuable, and emotionally/mentally/spiritually (okay that one's maybe a stretch) stimulating.

That being said, I have Dream Theater and a few other favorite bands on continual loop most of the time

**EDIT: Wow look at all the green smilies above. Apparently i'm in a good mood this morning....
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Depends on mood

I voted for new music, because I have always looked for new sounds, or older sounds that I wasn't previously familiar with.

That said, there are times when I want to revisit great music I've heard in the past. This could be for nostalgia value (reminds me of a former girlfriend or a great time in my life), or because great music stands the test of time and always gives me pleasure.

Going back to older music can also be quite a shock sometimes! One may hear things that were missed in the past, because as we evolve, we change in our perceptions. So sometimes older music can suddenly seem new.

It's also a matter of mood, just as our taste in food depends on what we are "in the mood for." Sometimes I'm up for trying the latest Tex/Mex/sushi/macrobiotic fusion cuisine. At other times, I just want a bacon cheeseburger and a coke.
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Originally Posted by DrBenway View Post
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Originally Posted by Sduibek View Post
I meant that as a joke. The macrobiotic diet is vegetarian, grain based and associated with various offshoots of hippie culture. At various times it has reared its gassy head in mainstream circles. No offense to people who actually live this lifestyle (as long as they don't impose it on their children), but I just meant it as an example of "flavor of the moment."
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As much as I love discovering new music, I'd hate to lose my all time favorites.
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This is an interesting question. I think most people in the general population choose old music and listen to the music that they grew up with in high school or something similar. It's mostly the younger crowd who listen to new and fresh stuff but when they get older, they most likely loose interest in music, get on with their lives and family and still pretty much listen to the style of what they grew up on in common cases. For example, the guy who still listens to the old classic rock bands on the oldies radio station.

To me, this is bad and many times it can be boring. I almost never listen to the music I grew up with in high school. My friends still do. It's bad and almost like beating a dead horse in a way. The greatest joys in music is discovering something fresh and new and exciting.

That being said, there's nothing like the great classics too. And it's wonderful hearing a great classic especially live with great energy and even reinterpreted- tweaking the old masterpiece to a new level when it's done by a great musician. That can be an incredible joy too.

Lastly, I want to say that if you listen to old music and it's new to your ears because you never heard it before, then that would be considered listening to fresh "new music" in my view.
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^^^ Oh, definitely. New, as in never it heard before is all good and more often than not, it's the older music that's really fascinating to me. I recently got an album of ancient Korean folk tunes and shaman rhythms. I've read it extends past over 2000 years. Some of the styles are so alien but still amazing to me.

Any type of music at any time except current pop I'd be willing to try out.
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Fresh and familiar!!!

"Wrong do it again!"
"If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!"
"You! Yes, you! behind the bikesheds, stand still laddie!"
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I chose familiar. Although I like GETTING familiar with a song, so that leans in the direction of new. I can grow bored of a song Im familiar with, but its that mid-point of just getting to know a song and learning its nuances that is my favourite. However I am also the sing along type so that tipped the scale in favour of familiar.
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Originally Posted by Spareribs View Post
(...)and even reinterpreted- tweaking the old masterpiece to a new level when it's done by a great musician. That can be an incredible joy too.
And how! If you're into rock and metal, listen to any covers done by Dream Theater or Iced Earth. Good times
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