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Fresh or Familiar?

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If this has something to do with music choice, I say familiar. But fresh is good an option too.
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Originally Posted by progo View Post
If this has something to do with music choice, I say familiar. But fresh is good an option too.
Holy balls of fire Batman! That was a fast response... I hadn't even added the Poll yet

First response! You win... gratification. And a free trophy. It's on backorder, though. Sorry.
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If I had to choose only one of the two it would be to listen to familiar bands forever rather than constantly hearing fresh, new music.

For me much of the enjoyment I get from music occurs from the process of learning a lot about a band and its music.

New music is good too of course, but I never enjoy a good album or song as much the first time as I can the 50th time.
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I place more weight on the new then cling on to the standout artists. If I had to listen to the same thing every time, I would give it up completely eventually. This goes for everything outside of close friends and family.

I see no point in the opposite. It would be like dreaming the same dream every night. No matter how good it is, it will grow tiresome.
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If you listen to a song more than once, doesn't it pretty much become familiar? So if choose fresh, I can only listen to a song once then move on.
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Only if the music is predictable and boring to begin with.
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The best music will have you teasing out different aspects for years. I chose familiar. There are classical pieces I've been enjoying over 25 years. If Ihad to choose, I'd stay with my favorite classical works and the jazz that's been growing on me for the past two.
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This reminds me of something Bob Dylan wrote in Chronicles Volume 1 about listening to the radio. How someone he knew only listened to the radio, and would grow to love a song but then after 4 weeks of heavy rotation that song might never be heard on air again.

I do believe that it is better to yearn for more of something than to have too much, so in that sense loving music and then saying goodbye to it isn't so bad.

But I would still side with familiar music, like Uncle Erik is saying, I enjoy understanding and discovering new aspects to the music I love.
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BTW, the poll question forcing us to choose one independently of another is nonsense. I do both but new is more important than the known. I think they are inherently linked.

The known was at some point unknown. The new can't be appreciated without and underlying base of knowledge.
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I'm always trying to decide as well. It all depends on the mood i guess. Sometimes familiar music sounds better, sometimes a new fresh music/band can be quite surprising and good ...
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here's an opinion from an old gezzer...listened to old classic rock for years and years, finally ran into some good new fresh red dirt music from Texas, Wow....don't even want to think about going without that fresh stuff, it made me young again.
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If I only had 1 choice, i would go with favourites, though i love discovering new music and do so regularly.
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I'd much prefer to hear brand new music. I grow tired of radio stations playing a hit single from a band over and over again, when they should be exploring the rest of the CD, or playing new indie songs. How many times do we have to listen to the same old Pearl Jam / RHCP / Beastie Boys singles on terrestrial radio? Even the indie stations on sat radio can be somewhat repetitive. I want all new, all the time, with very little repetition.
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