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AKG-K1000 headphones with low powered amp

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Showing my ignorance here, but how else does one learn?
I have a pair of AKG-K1000 that I have been using with a Meier headphone amp. I have on order an Audio Note Kondo Neiro amp that I would like to use to drive my headphones. However, this stereo amp puts out just 8 watts per side. Will this be enough to drive the K1000? Also, how will my headphone receive the signal from my source with the headphone being driven by this amp? (Currently, my Meier headphone amp is hooked up through my AN Kondo preamp's tape monitor.) Thanks to anyone who can offer advice with my questions. Best, Michael.
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8 watts is just accurate.
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8 watts should be plenty.
As an example, our fellow Head-Fi'er 'Nik' did state http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f113/k...ch-but-256447/. Driving the K1000 using a 7 watt amplifier.

My amplifier for the K1000 put out 30 watts, which is plenty and some.
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I have used both Cary SLI-80(40Watts) and CAD300SEI(15Watts).
They work perfecly with K1000, only dufference is the volume knob has to turn a little bit more on 300SEI.
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I think the K-1000 is listed as needing 8W, so that should be fine. I run mine off a 45W amp.
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Bear in mind that power amp wattage ratings are based on ratings into 8 ohms. At it's actual impedance, 120 ohms, the K-1000 specs indicate a maximum power handling capability of 1 watt.
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