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I liked the hdams the best. Sun was my favorite, but earth was good as well. They are pretty difficult to mount in the ef1 and I think the voltage wasnt very stable with them. I would think the ef5 would produce a more constant voltage and might be better for hdam use.
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I saw you post alot in the Op-Amp threads BigD, did you try any regular op-amps in the EF1 that worked good? I remember you talking about LME4562 and others, did you ever try any LT Opamps? Like LT1028A LT1358, etc. What about AD797, which OPA627 Did you try? I know the "BP" Version is supposed to be best. Some others I was thinking about, LT1058, LT1122. OPA228 x 2.

Do you know how this opamp is used in the ef1 circuit? I tried the LME49680. I think it's a bit to bright and detailed, but it gets enough things right over my previous champ, the AD743 that it has me scratching my head.

I've been reading over some of the threads with Majkal (sp?) and he's kind of hard to follow, in the Audio-GD thread he made that huge review of opamps and then later on in the thread continues to change his mind and flip flop around. Eventually saying how much he loves the LME49860. Well, that's what im using now and it's not perfect. If he rates this 49860 higher then 797Brz, and LT1028A where does that leave me? Should I even bother to try them. /sigh
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Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
so what did you end up with as your final choice of opamp?

So far i've tried:


The AD743JN's easily sound the best so far, surprisingly the 2227 was not bad either. Good bass and mids, high's where weak.

maybe I will forgo the OPA627's and try the AD797 instead, they are pretty cheap.
Have you found one that lowers the output volume to be able to use IEM without something like a Westone volume attenuator between the amp and IEM?

I have a ton of opamps around here, and after I am done with a couple of reviews I might start rolling opamps. I look forward to trying the AD743 on a 2:1 adapter, among others.
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