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I am selling the Shure's now I have yet to hear any of the new SE range (SE310, SE420, SE530)

And for that much trodden E4C v UM2 path:
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I am really enjoying the um2 with the shure grey flex sleeves, imho better than the Etymotic Triflanges I used to put on.

but I'd like to know which are the best tips for detailed, clear sound and comfortable fit.

I tried triflanges, comply tips, biflanges, triflanges and shure grey flex sleeves

an oh yeah: I added to the 1 kHz and 6 kHz 2dB, anything else +-0 db
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Now I am using them with the Shure Black Foamies and it's the best sound imagineable to Rock! and what I think HIGH DEFINITION is, tight sound, you can even hear the fine vibrations of the drum or the bass guitar, pure awesomeness!

but the sound is "in your face" like the triflanges, but the triflanges do suck with their boosted mids and rolled-off treble, the foamies are bringing back clarity to the highs. And the bass is superior to any other tips I tried..(triflanges, biflanges, comply tips, grey flex sleeves)
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Originally Posted by Spyro View Post
If you look at a Shure nozzle versus a Westone nozzle, the Westone is clearly skinnier/thinner.
there are actually two kinds of shure olives out there.

for early se series productions, the olives are bigger inside which perfectly attached to shure nozzles but are loose for westone nozzles.

for later se productions, the olives starts to have little dots on back of them( 1dot indicates small 2 for medium 3 for large)and it is this kind of olives own a smaller inside that could be perfectly installed on um2 not causing any sort of loose.

also i found the new olive not expand as good as the early ones
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I recommend using modified triple flanges a.ka. Bi-flanges from Etymotic (Namely ER4 tips). These fit nicely on Um2s and are cheaper i think ( $15 for 5 pairs). The isolation is good and they last me for 4 months
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I love the shure soft flex tips as well. Use them on my triple.fi's as well. Great isolation/sound and such easy cleaning. Eq is off using my xm4 amp.
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I prefered comply tips, I tended to use the large (general rule of thumb with my ears). The definitive point occured when I plugged them into my roommate's digital piano and got near-perfect timbre (across the range that these deliver, I don't trust them past 16 khz, but that's the game with most in-ears...)

As far as EQ - didn't get benefit from anything, including 5-band custom eq.
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Im using the short complies with my um2. Kinda wish for a lil more treble with these. And i can't resort to EQ as i feel that it distorts the sound. So im getting a pair of softflex and olives to try.
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i honestly wanted to return my um2's when i first got them. i tried to like them for 2 weeks, but they still seemed veiled to me. i figured they were too dark for my tastes. i later got some grado sr80's and loved them. i used those for about 2 weeks non stop. i went back to my um2's and adjusted the DAC settings on my a728 and it made a huge difference. i could actually hear the highs....clearly! since then ive been messing around with the DAC some more. they are now preferred over the sr80. they really produce a nice balanced sound and i take them everywhere now. in fact im listening to portishead with them right now.

my current a728 settings:
b gain: 0.0
b fc: 50khz
t gain: 1.5
t fc: 7khz

clear bass +2. +2, -1, +2, +1, +3

edit: forgot to mention the tips i use. i use the short comply tips. i (now) find them really comfortable. i thought about buying other tips, but now im not so sure.
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IMO comply are the best tips; I have the SE530 and of course they come standard with olives. I find the olives to distort the bass ever so slightly; they give better isolation so they give MORE bass response, but I find them muddy so I use comply T400's.

EQ I dont use EQ even on rockbox which has a great parametric EQ
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I believe um2 are built to be EQed.
they really improves greatly by proper eq settings
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I wish the bi/tri flanges worked but they seem way to touchy getting a good seal. They gotta be just right. Shure olives were coming off too easy so I use the regular size complys. Incredible seal and isolation. Just be sure to push them back a bit as you are compressing them so that the sound bore is not blocked in any way. I think it assures the highs come through best they can and I find no difference in sound versus the olives.

Electronica setting on the Nano. I was doing treble boost only but it seemed kind of life-less/flat sounding.
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I use olives with Latin setting. olives helped bring out the treble clearer. voices were fuller than on electronic setting. i prefer slightly warm.
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