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Magic: The Gathering

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so my friends and are were all sitting around talking the other day and we learned that all of us used to play magic. so we dug out our old cards and we've been playing and it's been pretty fun.

anyway, any head-fiers ever play this game? still play? i've got an elf deck and it's not good, but it's better than what i used to have.

and if anyone has cards they don't want and are willing to give away, i'll take them. i'll even pay for postage.
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It was a bit of an obsession of mine through most of middle school and some of high school.

My favorite format was Type 1 (Vintage), mostly because of the community which I found to be the closest-knit, most knowledgeable, and truly dedicated. Not to mention that deck strategy in Vintage is absurdly technical and the thought-process the you need is very demanding.

I still have my collection, and every once in a while I think about getting back in. I would love to be able to catch back up and get to a few events/tournies, but school makes that a little difficult.
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haha used to play... remember hen i had a black lotus and that was the **** haha... thanks for bringing back memories.
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Yes. Played every color besides weaselly blue. God damn counterspells.
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I mostly played the urza block in middle school. It was a lot of fun but I think it might be a little tough for an older player to jump back in. Especially when considering how much the game dynamics change with each block. Still, picking up an old deck and playing with friends is always fun.
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I played from Judgement to Mirrodin. Of course played the earlier sets too with whatever cards I could get my hands on.

I have kept all my cards, plan to play again someday though not sure when.

My best two decks were a goblin deck and affinity. One cool thing I liked about the goblin deck is I played with four Wooded Foothills with one forest and Naturalizes in the sideboard to deal with enchantments. The affinity deck was pretty straight forward.

My two favorite decks were a bit more creative though. One revolved around putting a Fog type effect onto an Isochron Scepter, and the other was blue with three Ixidors and powerful morph creatures like Krosan Colossus. I would attack with several face down creatures and then my opponent would have to hope they were blocking the 9/9 and not the 1/1 wizards.

A lot of fun times with that game. Haven't been keeping up with new releases but I trust they still have good people working on the development teams.
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Magic was my previous money pit before I found out about high-end audio

Was quiet fun playing with friends, and we were always swapping and buying new cards to upgrade our decks.

Now they just sit in my room doing nothing. I wonder if I can get some money out of them.........

Anyone know of some good card stores where I can get rid of them? If anybody here is interested, PM me.

EDIT: Trample was an epic functionality. Build a whole deck around it.
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I played MtG! We even dabbled with Unglued cards!
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Yes I have a big stack of cards hidden somewhere. Great game.
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Used to play lots. I busted them back out some years later, and I still do on occasion play with my girlfriend or with the coworkers at the office over lunch... I still have 5 decks built:

- fast black creature
- black graveyard recursion
- 5-color green
- red/blue burn/counter
- everyone's favorite: STASIS DECK

It was pretty big in my area... we used to host tournaments and stuff... I was among the best, in fact. Damn fun game, that was.

More recently, we've been buying the pre-made decks of the new sets. Those are nice cuz you don't have to worry about building a deck -- just bust 'em out and play.

Oh, and for a relatively simple card game that is lots of fun to play, check out Fluxx -- the Zombie Fluxx variation in particular. That's a fun lil game. (Not CCG -- just buy the special deck for like $12 on ebay.)
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I use to play. Still have my deck but have no one to play against.

My deck is a tinker deck. Never lost using it.
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I use to play. Still have my deck but have no one to play against.

My deck is a tinker deck. Never lost using it.
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I still play. I played back in elementary school during beta, and played up through Ice Age. However, I didn't really understand the game nearly as well as my brother did at the time so I quit.

Fast forward to college; I buy the Legions pre-con "Elven Fury" (or something like that) and began to play again. During college I built a few decks. Once I was out of college...I started to really build decks.

Right now I have about 10-11 that are solid (not tournament strength, but fun for casual).

I mostly play tribal, with a few combo decks for fun. I'm occasionally on the M:tG forums with the same username, but I don't post very often.

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Played back in JHS-HS.

My favorite color was red and I had one of those fast monster decks. I was pretty good around my circle of friends, but I wasn't that good.

Liked the Urza block a lot.
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I played in JHS through the beginning of HS. Started when Revised first came out and played roughly til the Alliance block. Then picked up MTG again half way through College around the Mirrodin block. I still have my cards and my decks. And I still want a few cards to cover complete come of my decks, but since I don't play, I won't be buying them.
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