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Welcome to the Seller/Buyer Feedback Thread for Repooc on Head-Fi.

To those whom I've carried out online transactions with through this forum, please feel free to leave feedback, both positive or negative, about our transaction.

If possible, please either provide a link to the original for sale thread or a brief description of the item(s) in question.

I strive for excellence in maintaining high credibility throughout all of my online transactions. I welcome all praise and will try my very best to correct any areas of concern from all users.

I promise to return the favour of leaving feedback for others as well.

Sincere Thanks,

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Repooc bought my SA6, His communication was excellent and he paid promptly. absolutely pleasure to deal with!

Thank You !!!
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Repooc purchased my SE 420's and was lightning fast with payment and I appreciate the great communication he provided. 
Don't hesitate to do business with him, he's an A+ headfier!

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