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UPGRADE: Etymotic er6i to Sleek Audio SA6

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Hey all,

I'm sooo stoked typing this right now... I finally made my purchase off a fellow Head-Fier for a gently used pair of Sleek Audio SA6's and am ANXIOUSLY awaiting they're arrival!

I've had my Ety's (first true IEM experience) for about a year now until I started getting some signal cut off in one of the channels... more than likely related to the cable though... but too busy (read lazy) to fix it right now.

So I began my hunt for a new pair of IEM's....

While I LOOOVED the absolute clarity and sharpness of the highs of the etys, they always lacked the bass I craved for (which is a well known fact for the er6i's). Also, the small form factor and their weight was a definite plus, but their frailty was a trade of with my active lifestyle. However since owning the ety's I've become a recent fan of classical music as well. So my music style is QUITE varied from: Vocal House/Chillout, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz, R&B and Pop... all of which are pretty bass-y.

So not thinking that I could afford SA6's retail (out of my budget), I narrowed my search down to the Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro and the Super.Fi 5 v2.0. But what I didn't like about the Pros was their really large size (I have small ears) and that they go over the ears by default. So v2.0 looked to be the way to go but dissappointed me that their sound isolation wouldn't be nearly as good as my etys.

I eyed the SA6's all along, but felt that I would have to "settle" with one of the UE's due to budget restrictions.

Soooooo.... please tell me guys, wet my appetitie a little bit: What am I TRULY in for here with this upgrade? I have no doubt the SA6's will be leaps and bounds above my etys; so what else can I look forward to and notice immediately when listening to my SA6's for the first time in 3 days?
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Looks for the mid range, especially the vocal. If Ety is great for detail, SA6 is strong on mid range.
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FedEx JUST dropped off my SA6's.... WTF?! these IEM's are AMAZING!!!!

Just finished to Viva La Vida by Coldplay and now onto A Milli by Lil'Wayne.... my goodness... I didn't know IEMs could deliver THIS MUCH bass. I can't believe the difference from my ER-6i's!

Currently running the Treble ++ and Bass + ports... oh my gawd!!

Super comfortable on the smallest tips (I have small ears)!

And the sound isolation?!?! I can go on and on and on... but I'm sure you've read it all before in other reviews...

Currently listening to some vocal house music as I type this.... everything is soooo crisp. I MIGHT knock it down to treble +.

Anyways.. off to work now... Will give more details after a good day use of them.
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FYI, there is a very basic mod you can use to boost bass even more, but not boomy. You just run a pin through the hole in the bass+ module, nothing too large, just to expand the hole a tad. It really works, and brings the bass to optimum levels, in my view (and others here as well). I didn't create the mod, but I really found it to be perfect.
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