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Calling Denon AH-C351, 551, 700/751 users

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The Denon canalphones seem to be popular around here, though it seems it's mostly the 700/751s. How would you compare the three canalphones among each other, especially factoring the price differences? Also, how do they compare with others in the price range (or a little more)?
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If you can find the Denon C700 thread, there are loads of comparisons on the first page.
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Yea, I've read all 117 pages of that thread! In fact, I just posted there saying how awesome it was. I'd like to see some 351 v. 551 comparisons too, though. And more info on the 551s too.
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Jonathan. I have the C551's too haha.

So what questions do you have of them?
The c551's are a good step up from the c351's I've read on here.
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I've been wondering of a while if the C700s are that much better than the 551s to justify the price increase. I've read the comparisons on the main thread, and there's obviously a different, but...for more than NZ$100 difference? And when I already have the 551s? Also, if I have the 551s, should I still get an RE2?

Also, I'm not liking the medium tips much. Will try the small ones when I get home. But what other replacement tips can I get, esp. in NZ? Order Complys from the UK?
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I put Shure olives on the denon 551k.

I had to mod them by using a (hot) needle to take out the plastic tubing in the olives. It does change the sound however. Let me know if you are interested in that "mod."
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Would that be better buying Comply foams? 'Cos I'd have to buy Shure olives too, eh? Suppose those are easier to find in these parts...sure, what's the mod?
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Sorry about the late reply... I haven't tried the Comply foams. People do say that they are very comfortable... they are a bit pricey.

but then again, so are those shure olives (with shipping).

Onto to the more important things...

When I listened the denon with the tips provided, the sound was very clear and upfront. I had the etymotic er-6is before so I will use those as a point of reference. In comparison to the ety's, the denons sounded fuller, presenting a very rich tone to the music. The cymbals and everything were still clear, but they didn't have that crystal clarity that the ety's have. In some ways, the ety's were almost harsh after extended periods of listening. The denons do not have that harshness. The sound is warm and inviting. The downside, however, is that the sound does not ring like the ety's. I think that this trade-off is a matter of preference.

If I were listening critically (which doesn't mean that I do), I would probably go with the etys since they really project detail into the forefront. That detail is a bit washed away in the denons but it makes the sound very lush and welcoming. I would prefer the denons to listen to on a day-to-day basis.

Downsides, of course, is that the denons don't really provide isolation, at least not to the extent that the shure e2c (110e) or etymotic er-6is do. You can hear conversations that happen around you. I would almost say that these are semi-opened - but then I would have head-fiers breathing down my neck about using headphone terminology where it doesn't apply on iems.

When I modded the shure tips, I did so by taking a needle (bent safety-pin) and heating it up in the flame of a candle. Heating it up makes it easier to stick the needle through the foam in order to remove the inner tubing of the shure tips. Essentially, I simply stuck the heated tip repeatedly into the tip around the tubing. Then I rolled the foam off of the tubing. What you're left with is a shure olive without the plastic tubing inside. That can then fit onto the tip of a denon. (if you have the etymotics, the shure tips fit on there without any modification).

The sound of the denons did seem to change slightly. Actually... they changed a lot. The tone of the denons took on a shure-ish sound - like that slightly veiled presentation that warms everything up. It's like some weird hybrid between the denon and shure sound. Moreover, and I guess this has something to do with the fact that the sound might need to travel through a little foam, the sound feels a little less upfront; that is to say, it almost seems like there is, dare i say, soundstage? Now, I use the word 'soundstage' because the sound doesn't seem like its 'in your head' like the etymotics or the altec lansings sound. The sound is farther back but doesn't take away from the detail (that much). It's almost like... with the regular tips, it's like i am standing on the stage with the instruments playing around me and with the shure tips, it's like I am sitting in the 2nd row and listening to the instruments. So I guess that's something like soundstage. Heh.

I have to say, after the er-6is, listening to the denons with shure tips feels like a respite from undue harsh detail. haha... but I do miss the isolation that the er-6is provide, so I may switch back (as I still have the er-6is).

Okay, I hope that helps. Take care.
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That's a great description, and that's how I understand "soundstage" too. Hmmm...I wonder if I can find olives in NZ, since the Complys will have to come from the States...
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