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Do any Head-Fi'ers like Chiptunes?

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By chiptunes, I mean generally music that is either from old vintage video games, or new music that is created to sound like old video game music.

I love chiptunes; some of these old games have some extremely impressive music considering what kind of sound processing hardware they had to work with.

Some of my favorite chiptune soundtracks are the music from the game boy version of the NES game Bionic Commando, the music from the old Mega Man titles and especially the music from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. As a friend of mine just mentioned, anyone who tries to do a rock cover of the TMNT2 themes would likely break their fingers.

A lot of Game Boy (original) games have great music superior to what was heard on the NES, but the NES titles can be great, too.
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Definitely! There's also that whole sub-genre of music that people make using gameboys with sequencer cartridges. I particularly like the 8-bit versions Beck did like Hell Yes! and Girl. Fun stuff.
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You may (or may not) enjoy this site...

|| | www.micromusic.net | ||
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My favorite track that invokes the chiptune aesthetic was actually a progressive trance track from 2004. It still makes me want to get up and go crazy.

Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden remix)

YouTube - Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink( James Holden Remix )

I always thought it perfectly balanced the nostalgic sound of 8-but audio with slick modern production techniques and rhythms. And that bass sounds MEAN on a proper system.
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8 Bit Peoples is a great site with links to a bunch of chip tune artists.
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If you didn't notice this link, there's a cool documentary here...

Pitchfork.tv | beta
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Originally Posted by Akathisia View Post
8 Bit Peoples is a great site with links to a bunch of chip tune artists.
I know a bit about Nullsleep. Cool guy.
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Time to revive this thread! (I'd rather do that than start a repeat thread)


I've just been reminded of how awesome Chiptunes is, and if I can I'll be heading to Blipfest (http://blipfestival.org/2011/)


I feel compelled to download wildly... And start going to OCRemix.org again regularly... 

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Check out the album "Chiptek" by she. You can get it for free (Legally!) on http://www.shemusic.org/

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Yes I love chiptunes and like a lot of c64 music and different remixes of songs that sounds similar as well as keygen music. 


Such as this for example:


(download link to 256kbit mp3 can be found in the decription)



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I was quickly scanning over the differnt topic thread and for a second I thought this said "Do any Head-fi'ers like the chimpmunks".

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Here's some chiptunes I personally enjoy, the first is an original and is played in a style that most resembles progressive/technical death metal, this song in particular is an instrumental but there are some others off of the same album that have 8 bit-ized death metal vocals. The second is a chiptune that is as far as I can tell more or less note for note cover of one of the avantgarde metal band Unexpect's songs sans vocals. Also if you want to listen to many more chiptunes this topic: http://theshizz.org/forum/index.php?/topic/14251-chiptune-appreciation-thread/  is a good place to start, I recommend skipping far into the topic rather than starting at the beginning because some of the links and whatnot probably don't work since the thread was originally created in 2005, it has 304 pages of posts so it's really a goldmine.









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Listening to chiptunes upsampled to 96kHz on a $600 headphone is a.... really silly experiment. =P


This doesn't sound very.... good.



Hey if you guys like chiptunes please visit my new thread thanks =) http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/564556/the-niche-electronic-music-thread-synthpop-ebm-dark-electro-gothic-rythmic-noise-experimental-chiptune-etc





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One of my favourite chip music tracks. Oh, the nostalgia :)


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